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Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays can be Festive and Fun

The time of year for decorating your apartment home for winter is upon us.  It’s exciting to make your apartment lively and colorful for the holidays.  Bringing the spirit of winter inside doesn’t have to be hard.  There are many simple and cost effective ways to do it.   Take a look at our suggestions for decorating your apartment for the holidays!

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Decorating Your Apartment on a Budget

At Red Oak Apartment Homes we specialize in variety! We work hard to offer something for everyone and make sure that our residents are given the freedom to express themselves through the spaces we rent. We thought we’d offer some tips on how to really make an apartment your home, especially if you’re on a rigid budget. 

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Cheap Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

Bring a natural element into your room to celebrate fall and the colors it shows off.   Find a branch from a tree that has an interesting shape.  Spray paint it (outside your apt and away from cars and people) in a bright fall color.  Place the dried branch in a floor sized basket or vase.  Hang homemade ghosts, paper pumpkins or cut out black cats from the branches.  Have fun decorating your apartment and enjoy the fall in New England.

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How to Hang Pictures in Your Apartment without Damaging the Walls

You have chosen the perfect place to live and now you want to make it feel like your home.  Decorating your apartment is just one way to do this.  Another way to make it feel like home is to hang your favorite pictures on the walls of your new place. We often get questions about how to do this without damaging the walls in the apartment.

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Four Ways to Decorate Your Apartment with the 2018 Color of The Year!

2018 is starting off on an optimistic and upbeat mode with the announcement by Pantone of their color of the year.  Ultra Violet Color # 18-3838 is trending and showing up in fashion design, home décor, industrial complexes and even in the automotive world.  Take a look at 4 ways you can incorporate this color into your decorating scheme.

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Making the Most of Storage Space in Your Apartment

Most of us feel like there is never enough space to store our belongings in an apartment.  What solutions do we have to combat that feeling?   Read our tips for Making the Most of Storage Space in Your Apartment.

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