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How to Have a Money Free Weekend!

You have worked hard all week and want to have a relaxing time with family and friends but you don’t want to break the bank doing it.  Consider a new trend…A Money Free Weekend. There are lots of ways to do this and we offer a few suggestions that you can enjoy in your apartment or out in the beautiful state of New Hampshire:

Get out of your apartment and explore the neighborhood where you live:  Pack some water and a snack and look for interesting architecture, city parks, and interesting sites like the Merrimack River or historic landmarks.

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Staying Fit without ever leaving Your Apartment

We found this great workout from our friends at Fitness Blender.  We like it because it gives you a good workout but takes your neighbors need for quiet into consideration.  Staying Fit without ever leaving Your Apartment will help you to look good and save you money!  Wow...A shrinking waistline and a Bulging wallet!  A great combination.

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My Favorite Recipe: Fettucine Alfredo!!

Looking for an easy recipe that your family will love?  This one is always a hit in our house! It's My Favorite Recipe: Fettucine Alfredo!!

Check out this easy version of this classic Italian dish.

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Time Management for Busy Millennials

Life is hectic and jam packed with lots of things to do.  Work, family, kids and social activities side track us from what has to get done every day!  It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed because you are constantly trying to catch up and trying to get ahead.  If you feel this way you are not the only one.

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Meet Your Friends from Red Oak for Happy Hour in Manchester

New Englander’s are proud folk.  Everyone thinks their state is superior.  And sure, our nearby neighbors have things to be proud of.  Maine has lobsters and lighthouses, Vermont has cheese and Ben and Jerry’s, and I’ve been told Massachusetts probably has something nice (Science Museum maybe?)…  However, there is one thing we have in New Hampshire that raises us above our border bros:  Happy Hour! 

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How to Get Cable and Internet FAST

So you’re all moved in and ready to sit on the couch and relax. You’ve plugged in your TV and booted up your computer – BUT WAIT – You forgot to set up your cable & internet! How to get cable and internet fast are the 2 things running through your mind now! What do you do?

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