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How to Save Money on Your Morning Coffee

We all love that cup of coffee or tea to get us going in the morning.  For some it’s the need for a jolt of caffeine to start our day, for others it’s just a soothing warm beverage to nourish us.  No matter what your reason for your cup of Joe it’s a fact that buying it while on the dash can get very expensive.

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Favorite Laundry Tips to Save You Time and Money

Laundry is one of those necessary chores that we all have to do but would much rather be doing something else.  It takes time and costs money.  Here are our Favorite Laundry Tips to Save You Time and Money!

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Meet Your Neighbors at Redstone Apartments

Property manager, Amy Silva, had a chance to sit down with a few of our Redstone residents to learn what they had to say about Living the Red Oak Life.  It's always fun to meet your neighbors at Redstone Apartments.

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Resources for Young Professionals in Derry

Derry is the perfect town for a young professional to enjoy savings and a slower pace, while still having easy access to other options close by. In fact, Boston is less than a 45-minute drive on Route 93. The ocean is 1 hour away and the White Mountains are just and hour and a half north.

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Hidden Benefits for Young Professionals Living In Merrimack

Merrimack is one of New Hampshire’s hidden gems. Located in between Nashua and Manchester, two of New Hampshire’s major cities, Merrimack is the perfect place for a young professional to live. It is less than 20 minutes from either of those cities.

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3 Money Saving Tips When Planning a Kids Party

A child's birthday party can either be hundreds of dollars if you aren’t careful or really affordable if you do everything on your own. We have come up with 3 Money Saving Tips When Planning a Kids Party

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