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Save Money on Gasoline at the Pump and on the Road

Finding good prices on gasoline for your car is a big task these days.  The costs of fuel are high and that takes a real bite out of your monthly budget.  There are ways to save money on gasoline at the pump and on the road.

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Red Oak Strives to Save Energy in Your Apartment Building

Apartment owners are always looking for ways to save energy and keep their operations clean and green.  Keeping energy costs down for our residents is always upper most on our agenda.  Over the past few years Red Oak has undertaken some big initiatives to help lower energy costs in our apartment buildings and to save our residents’ money in the process.  

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Three Ways to Insulate Your Apartment Windows For Winter

In New England we all know that cold winter weather is inevitable.  When you want to try to save money on heating costs the first place you should look is at your apartment windows.  The better prepared you are for winter, the warmer and cozier you will be when the temperature drops. Here are some ways that you can insulate your windows against the cold winter air, and keep your apartment nice and toasty. 

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How to Throw a Great Halloween Party without Breaking the Bank!

Halloween may be filled with tricks and treats, but you don’t want to trick your wallet by throwing an expensive Halloween Party. By following these simple tips, you can make sure the only tricks at your party are the ones you play on your guests.

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How to Save on Your Utilities in Your Apartment Home

Renting an apartment can be expensive, but most people don’t think of all the hidden costs  when they initially begin their search. While some apartments include the cost of utilities in the price of rent, not all of them do. This means, you will be on the hook for all the utilities for your apartment. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because there are smart ways you can control those costs.  Take a look to see how you can save on Utilities.

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9 Ways to Save Water in Your Apartment

We all want to be good stewards of our plant.  One way of doing this is to work on conserving water usage.  It’s good for the planet and it saves you money too.  Here are our best tips for saving water and money in your apartment.

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