Green Lives Here

Our Green Initiatives

Red Oak continues to expand our Green initiatives and support efforts for Green Living to help minimize our environmental footprint and save you money on energy costs. We are always looking into ways of incorporating clean and renewable energy sources into our business and our properties. Rooftop solar panels at Red Oak at 409 Elm Street provide the power for the common areas of this apartment building.

Apartment rooftop solar panels
EV Charging Stations

Red Oak Environmental Efforts

Red Oak has made a big dent in the amount of energy required by our apartment buildings. We have updated our West Side apartments with the latest in energy-efficient LED lighting and insulation. Our Milford Trails and Eastern Trails properties in Milford New Hampshire have had new boilers installed. The vast majority of our apartment homes feature Energy Star appliances, many have electric ductless mini splits for efficient and comfortable cooling and heating.  Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are available for use in the 875 Elm Street Parking Garage, and at the Red Oak at 409 Elm Street parking lot.

Building Eco-friendly Apartments

Our Red Oak at 409 Elm Street apartment community has 8 EV charging stations, Energy Star appliances, LED lighting, and rooftop solar panels.  The windows are among the most energy-efficient available to purchase and we took great care to select insulation that would provide green benefits at this new multifamily community.

Red Oak at 409 Elm Street Apartments
Beautiful patio

Our Community

Red Oak encourages our residents to take on their own environmentally friendly practices; check out The Red Oak Life Blog for eco-friendly tips. We truly believe that every person can make a difference and that each small act adds up to make a substantial global impact.

When residents of our nearly 1,800 apartments all make an effort, our environment wins. Now THAT’s the Red Oak Life!