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Reinvent Yourself This Spring

It's spring time and our thoughts are focusing on self improvemnt, new beginnings and fresh starts.

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Fried Pickles: The New "Super Cool" Snack

Fried pickles have been making quite the stir this past year popping up in various places in Manchester.  Have you tried them yet?

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6 Essential Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Six pointers on thrifting itself. Everyone knows that thrift shops and second hand stores can be great ways to buy awesome stuff on the cheap. However, everyone also knows that finding great used items can sometimes seem like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Never fear, however, because we've got you covered.

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An Interview With Red Oak Owner, Ron Dupont

Ask An Expert Series: An Interview with Red Oak Apartment Homes Owner: Ron Dupont 

Interviewer: Ron, Tell us how long Red Oak Apartment Homes has been doing business in NH?

Ron: We started in 1984 with a 3 family house in Hudson, NH. Over the years we have expanded into 8 NH towns and cities and offer over 1500 apartments.

I: What makes your company unique?

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Creating the Illusion of an Entryway

Spaces with an open concept floor plan are generally designed with each room flowing into another. Though this can add charisma to the space, often there is not a designated entry way. Thankfully, it is super easy to create your own version of one! Here are a few ways to create an illusion of an entry way.

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3 Tips to Beat Down Your Grocery Bill

We never take a day off from saving you money!  Today we have three simple ideas that will help you save on that weekly grocery bill

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