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How to Work Your Best in an Open Office

Open office space, shared office space or coworking office space have become very popular of late.  Part of their appeal is the fact that it is very cost effective and efficient to work in one of them.  You can readily access business equipment, have a professional place to meet clients and your ability to network is paramount.   Money savings come from the fact that you pay one low rental fee per month and your furniture, housekeeping, wifi, utilities and upkeep costs are all included.

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Working in a Shared Office Environment Can Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Many folks who choose a coworking or shared office find that it is enriching for them professionally.  They are able to make business connections, bounce ideas off like minded individuals and meet their clients in a professional environment.  But did you know that choosing this kind of office can also enhance your work-life balance too?

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Cheap Ideas for Decorating Your Apartment for Fall

It’s tough to decorate your apartment when you are limited by rental rules and landlord restrictions, but it’s not impossible to make your place your own.  Try these tricks to refresh your place for fall.

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How to Throw a Great Halloween Party without Breaking the Bank!

Halloween may be filled with tricks and treats, but you don’t want to trick your wallet by throwing an expensive Halloween Party. By following these simple tips, you can make sure the only tricks at your party are the ones you play on your guests.

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Hassles of Renting Office Space: We Have the Answer to your Problem!

It’s not a secret anymore.  Red Oak Coworking Offices are Manchester New Hampshire’s answer to shared office space.  Coworking Offices have disrupted the traditional office market for good reason.  These creative spaces are not isolating for users, cheaper to lease, inspirational and helpful when users want to develop relationships.

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New Ideas for Fall Fun in New Hampshire

This state is very lucky because there are so many fall activities around the area that are all about celebrating the autumnal season. From Mid-September through the end of November, fall may not be the longest season but it definitely makes the most of its short lifespan. If you are looking for fun fall festivities to frolic to, here are some great options.

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