10 Ways to Live a Healthier Green Lifestyle

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Living well means adopting healthy lifestyles that help you to stay healthy and that help to keep our planet healthy too.  Check out these 10 Ways to Live a Healthier Green Lifestyle.

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10 Ways to Live a Healthier Green Lifestyle

1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!! 

Recycling as much waste as possible will help save the earth one plastic bottle at a time. Many items are recyclable that you may not think about. Contact your local recycling center to see how you can help out and do your part. By making recycling a priority, you can help cut down on what ends up in landfills.

2. Nurture your Outdoor Living Space.

Welcoming wildlife to your yard or patio is just one way to nurture your outdoor living space. While you are considering what items to add to our outdoor living space consider including a few birdhouses, feeders, and maybe even a birdbath to make your yard an outdoor sanctuary for wildlife. Check with your apartment manager to make sure that these items are allowed.

3. Put your Lights on Timers.  

Of course It’s super important to light up your living space, however leaving the lights on can be an avoidable waste of energy. The perfect solution is to purchase a few timers and program them so that the lights turn on and off at the most favorable times.

flower garden

4. Keep a Garden- Or Two!! 

Designing a garden or flower box and the process of taking care of it can express a great gratitude for the earth. Whether it be herbs, vegetables or wildflowers it can help spice up your personal outdoor green space or apartment patio. There are community gardening spaces available in Manchester for you to have a more expansive garden too.

5. Go Vintage- Second Hand Shopping.   

Shopping at your local thrift store and investing in second-hand pieces whether it be clothes, furniture or home décor is a good idea. It adds character and instant charm to any living space.

6. Choose Eco-friendly Home Decor Accessories.   

Adding the final touches to any living space can be exciting. As you start to think what would make your new apartment more like home, remember to consider some eco-friendly home accessories. There are all sorts of stylish choices available today that are created using environmental friendly materials: Check out Pottery Barn and Target as great sources.

window air conditioner

7. Remove Air Conditioners From Windows in Cooler Months!

Leaving an air conditioning unit in a window is a sure way to loose energy and heat value.  There is little to no insulation when installing these window mounted air conditioners and when the weather turns chilly and you put on the heat your warmth goes right out the window.  Save money by removing your air conditioning unit once you start to use the heat.

8. Get Creative- Repair, don’t Replace.  

While it may be easiest to throw out that broken table, faded bookshelf, or ripped sofa, choosing to repair an item instead of replacing it is the more environmentally friendly approach. Not only does it cut down on waste, repairing increases the sentimentality of an object and can transform something that was once considered ordinary into a treasure.

9. Carpool or Walk!!

Join a carpool program or grab your bike when running your errands. Not going too far? Lace up your sneakers and start walking to your destinations. The perfect workout-inspired journey and waste-free outing!

10. Just Keep with it. 

The most important thing about trying to implement a green living life style is to simply stick with it. It will not be easy at first and will certainly not happen overnight. It will be best to focus on a few smaller goals and to continue adding to your list. Over time it will become part of your normal life style habits and you will be living the green life full time. It is certainly the little things in life that can make a huge impact.

At Red Oak Apartment Homes- Green Lives Here!

Red Oak Apartment Homes continues to expand our Green Initiatives and support efforts for Green Living to help minimize our environmental footprint and to save you money on energy costs. We’re always looking into ways of incorporating clean and renewable energy sources into our business and our properties.

Red Oak Efforts

Red Oak has made a big dent in the amount of energy required by our apartment buildings by updating our West Side apartments with the latest in energy-efficient lighting and insulation. Additionally, we have completed major work in Milford New Hampshire at our Milford Trails and Eastern Trails properties by adding new boilers at those locations. Our Redstone Apartments all have Energy Star Appliances for added savings to our residents.  At Sunset Ridge Apartments new windows are highly energy efficient.  At Manchester’s newest apartment community 409 Elm Street will be the most eco-friendly building that we have.  Residents will enjoy energy saving smart home features, highly rated insulation and windows, solar panels on the roof, electric car charging stations and recycling.

What Can Your Do

Red Oak encourages our residents to take on their own environmentally friendly practices; check out The Red Oak Life Blog for eco-friendly tips. We truly believe that every person can make a difference and each small act adds up to make a substantial global influence.

When the residents of our nearly 2,000 apartments all make an effort, our environment wins. Now that’s the Red Oak Life!


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