4 Amenities at Red Oak at 409 Elm Street Apartments That Promote Wellness

We all understand that having time to create a harmony and balance in our lives is very important to our overall well-being.  For apartment dwellers this means folks are searching for wellness apartment amenities like Red Oak Yoga and others that can be found at Red Oak at 409 Elm Street Apartments.  Residents are looking for a wider range of wellness amenities that will enhance their active lifestyles.

Here are 4 amenities that you will love at the 409 Elm Street Apartments, including Red Oak Yoga!

woman doing yoga

Fitness Studio

Going to the gym is one way to achieve your fitness goals and to achieve a healthy feeling.  Red Oak’s Apartments at 409 Elm Street in Manchester will offer more than your typical bike/treadmill option and will feature a space that will offer wellness opportunities that are above the norm.  Technology will play a role in this sleek and modern space.  Video displays where fitness classes can be streamed will allow residents to personalize a workout to their needs and time schedule.  Free weights, kettle bells and other fitness equipment will be available to use in the fitness room.  Residents can take advantage of a Zen-like Red Oak yoga studio for self-guided relaxation, yoga practice and stretching.  The city can also be a part of your fitness routine.  Red Oak at 409 Elm Street is located very close to the riverfront walking trails and to lots of city parks and sidewalks to get out and run or walk your way to healthy living.

bicycle and sunflowers

Wellness Apartment Amenities: Bike Room

Today biking has taken off not only as a mode of commuting but as a recreation option that is low stress and provides high energy benefits.  Red Oak at 409 Elm Street will have a bike garage where cycling enthusiasts can clean, maintain and store their equipment.  It is easy to bike to downtown locations from these apartments and the city has many bike racks all over the city to lock your bike up when you are about town.  Enjoy the Manchester Bike trails that start just across the street from your apartment. You can bike for miles on these well maintained series of trails.  A favorite of ours is to ride all the way to Goffstown and back.

woman working on laptop

Coworking Suites

Working from home can be a challenge for apartment dwellers.  Distractions in your apartment from roommates or household chores can make being productive hard to achieve and can cause your stress levels to rise.  Red Oak at 409 Elm Street will offer coworking offices on the first floor of the building.  Smart features, high speed wi-fi and conference room space allow a remote worker to be productive and work in an enriching atmosphere that enhances your feelings of accomplishment and well-being.  Red Oak residents receive a discount on these office spaces and can rent them for as much or as little time as needed.

cute puppy in grass

Pets Promote Wellness

Pet lovers know the joy and calmness that a pet can bring to you.  Red Oak at 409 Elm Street is a pet friendly community.  Cats and small dogs are welcome.  A pet washing room is available for residents to use and the city offers a wide range of parks and trails to walk with your pets and enjoy the outdoors.  Doggie daycare businesses are close by so if you need these services you can feel relaxed that your dog is being well taken care of.

rendering of 409 Elm

Red Oak at 409 Elm Street

The newly constructed apartments at 409 Elm Street offer the best in apartment living to those who want the comforts of home and the vibrant life-style of big city living. Located on Manchester’s most vibrant street allows you to enjoy the restaurants and entertainment that makes this city great! Sleek finishes, smart home features, a washer/dryer in every apartment, robotic furniture, electric vehicle charging hook-ups and so much more await.  Check it out here.

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