5 Things Everyone Should Know About Renting An Apartment

Renting an Apartment

Okay, you have found your prefect apartment.  You are ready to sign the papers and move in.  Renting an apartment is an exciting time for you.  It’s important to know that what you are entering into is a contract and there are 5 very important things for you to keep in mind.

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Lease = Agreement

By signing a lease, you have legally agreed to the terms and conditions of said lease.  Ignoring these conditions can put you into hot water and out of a place to live.

Security Deposit – It’s Important

Companies ask their residents to pay a security deposit.  Don’t forget that if you leave the apartment messy or damaged, the costs to fix and clean will often exceed the security deposit and leave you with another bill to pay.  Some companies (like Red Oak Apartment Homes) have done away with Security Deposits in favor of a non-refundable Lease Safeguard Bond.  Make sure you inquire about what you are offered at your next apartment.

Noise Happens

Sometimes noise does happen and I never ask residents to tip toe or whisper.  On the other hand, an apartment is not a place to open a private night club.  Don’t let noise complaints pile up against you.  They can lead to termination of your lease.

If You Walk Away From your Lease, It Will Follow You

Your actions will determine your future.  Skipping out on a lease can ruin your credit – or your co-signer’s credit.  It may also prevent you from obtaining another apartment in the future.

Why Pay Your Rent On Time

First of all, it’s in your contract.  A good payment history can help build credit and be the start to applying for a car loan.  On the other hand, being a chronic late-payer will only lead to heavy late fees and court costs that add up and damage your credit score.


At Red Oak Apartments we are in the business to put people into great apartments!  We are looking for someone like you who will be able to afford to live in an apartment and is respectful of the terms in their lease.


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