5 Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving boxes

Moving is always a task and it can bring stress to some folks.  We do have some helpful tips for anyone who is moving in the snowy winter months. Winter moves are definitely a bit more of a hassle so take a look at our 5 tips for moving in the winter.

save on heating costs in your NH apartment

Set up your utilities before your move-in date

You should ask your new management company or landlord what the best way to contact the utility company would be.  You should contact them prior to your move-in date.  They can help you transition your utility account to the date you move and will ensure a smooth transition.  The last thing you want is to have a lapse in time for your heat to go active and freeze your tush off. Do not procrastinate on this one.  Many management companies require that you do this before you sign a lease.  It saves you time and money to have this taken care of before you move into your new place.

snow shoveling

Arm Yourself with a Shovel & Salt

With a little luck it won’t snow and there won’t be an ice storm on the day you move, but you never know. Prepare yourself with a shovel and salt  depending on where you live and/or how fast a storm hits, you may not be able to rely on public clean-up and you could lose a lot of time trying to move a snowdrift if you don’t have this ready to go. Consistently shovel around your moving van, these big ol’ boys slip and slide easily so avoid ice build-up by repeated shoveling.

dishes and moving

Avoid unpacking delicates immediately

Another tip for moving in the winter involves your breakable china, crystal or display pieces.  Believe it or not, items like china and glass shift greatly with temperature changes.  Let them sit in your new apartment for a few days before unpacking them to avoid having their brittleness result in a break.

Use a Spotter

Safety is always an important factor to keep in mind when moving.  This one is especially for the proud people out there who think they’re strong enough to endure anything. Have a person who has the task of watching out when you are lifting or moving large or small pieces of furniture or boxes.  A splotch of ice is all it will take to send even Hercules flying and a watchful eye can help prevent this from happening. Additionally, wear weather resistant boots with grip soles and a sturdy fit.

Get Grippy with the Right Gloves

Slippery mittens will be a disaster and so will be going without glove when you are moving in the winter. When moving in the winter have the right footwear and gloves to make your job easier and more comfortable.  Try a pair of Ironclad gloves. These gloves are warm and provide the grip that will help you move furniture and boxes.  New England winters are sometimes tough but you will enjoy your new apartment once you are all moved in safely.

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