6 Essential Tips for Moving

Here at Red Oak Apartment Homes we take pride in finding the perfect apartment for everyone.  But deciding on the right place to live is only the first step…You still have to move all your belongings.  Many people dread this part of relocating.  Having to pack everything up and bring it somewhere new can be a trying and stressful endeavor.  But it doesn’t have to be!  Here are some essential tips for moving to help make your transition a smooth experience.

moving boxes


It’s a good idea to start early and have a plan.  You can begin by packing things you don’t use on a daily basis.  The task can seem overwhelming so set a goal of packing just one box a day.  And be organized!  Label all your boxes and keep things together that will be in the same room.  You’ll be making it easier on yourself when it’s time to unpack.

Moving into an apartment

Young couple in love carrying cardboard boxes and moving in their new apartment. Packing machine placed on one of the cardboard boxes in focus


There’s no need to waste money on bubble wrap and other packing materials. Socks are perfect for protecting glasses and stemware; plates and larger dishes fit snuggly in sweaters.  This helps you to get twice as much packed at one time.  You will have fun rearranging those socks and sweaters from your new kitchen to you new bedroom!

Moving boxes


Moving is a great excuse to de-clutter your possessions.  Before you pack up that collection of VHS tapes, decide if you really need all 85 of them.  Same for your clothes.   Donate items you don’t need to local charities such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  A new apartment is also a fresh start.  Sorting things out helps you when packing.

entertain in small spaces


You may not have a truck…but I bet you have a friend that does!  The more help you can recruit the quicker the move will be.  The promise of Pizza (or some tasty beverages) is a nice trade for saving yourself hours of time and sore muscles. Your friends will love being the first to see your new place too.

Living room in the 2 bedroom apartment has sofa, two chairs, tv, dining table


Another one of our favorite tips for moving is to contact your cable provider and see what promotions they are offering for relocating your service.  Sometimes the best deals are usually reserved for new customers only.  You can use this to your advantage if you are moving with a roommate that doesn’t currently have cable in their name.   Cancel your old service and have your roommate set up a brand new account.  This will help you keep costs down tremendously.

Covered mailboxes


Getting your mail forwarded is probably the easiest thing to do.  Go to: The US Post Office site and fill out a quick change of address form.  The US Postal Service will forward all of your mail for up to one year! Enjoy your new apartment!  After you move, be sure to inform your contacts of your new address to insure that you will not miss any important mail or correspondence.

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