Budget Planning for Adding Pets into Your Apartment

Are you thinking about bringing a new pet home to live with you in your apartment?  It is important to remember that when you are thinking about a new pet, you should first check in with your apartment management to let them know of your plans. When you get the ok from them to proceed then it’s time to begin your budget planning for adding pets into your apartment.  It is important to remember that there are costs associated with having a pet.  Don’t let pet care costs add up too quickly by keeping our budgeting tips in mind.

Budget Planning for Adding Pets into Your Apartment

Pet Budgeting Tips

Here are some costs to consider when opting to bring a pet into your home.

Pet Fees at Your Apartment Community:

Some apartment communities charge a pet fee for your furry friend.  It may be a monthly fee added to your rent or a one-time pet deposit.  This helps the management company cover any damages your pet may make and to administer any costs related to accepting pets at the community.  Many apartment communities have pet amenities that are covered by this fee.  Ask about pet washing stations or dog parks when you are looking for a pet friendly apartment home.


Keeping your pet groomed is important for their health and well-being.  Be sure to ask your groomer what the costs will be for your pet’s needs and how frequently they should be done.  You can call several groomers to get the best price available.  When you are budgeting for this and after consulting with the groomer, you can decide are the services ones that will be needed just once a month, a quarter or yearly.


Feeding your pet is a constant cost.  There are so many choices and brands to check out.  We suggest buying in bulk once you have established the brand that your pet likes the most.  Keep in mind that different products have various ingredients that may or may not be necessary for your pet.  Check out on-line ordering as they oftentimes will have the best prices.


You may want to look into insurance for your pet.  These policies can help with costs if your pet has a major illness or an accident.  Prices vary so check with your insurance provider for premium costs and policy terms.

Vet Visits:

Many pets require veterinarian visits at some point during the year.  You want to make sure that you are planning for this expense when you budget for your pet.  It is important to keep your pet up to date for vaccinations and other routine medical needs.

Pet Care Services:

If you are away from your apartment during the day or while on vacation, you might need to budget the expense of hiring a pet walker or finding a kennel where you bring your pet to board.  There are even dog sitting services for those who work during the day.  The pricing is varied depending on how long your pet stays and what services are done while your pet is there.  We have talked to folks who schedule their pet’s grooming at one of these pet sitting/boarding companies so that this service can be completed while their pet is there.  There are many extra services that boarding kennels offer.  Did you know that some kennels even offer a service where for $10 they will read a bed time story to your pet?  How cute is that?


Life will be easier for you if you can spend a little money for training and obedience school.  It will save your pet from damaging your furnishings and causing damage to your apartment in the long run.  Training can help ease your pet’s fears when you are away too.  It will help them to stay calm in your apartment.

Budget Planning for Adding Pets into Your Apartment

Pet Friendly Apartments in New Hampshire

Looking for a great pet friendly apartment in southern New Hampshire?  Red Oak Apartments loves your pets.  All of our 1800 apartments welcome your cats.  Over 60% of them welcome dogs.  Check out our pet page on our website for more information.

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