Cats Make Great Companions and Adapt Purrfectly to Apartment Living

Cats Make Great Companions

Are you already a cat owner and think your cat is absolutely wonderful? Or are you thinking of adding a feline friend to your home?  Cats Make Great Companions and Adapt Purrfectly to Apartment Living for many reasons and can actually make you healthier! We have compiled some interesting benefits below:

Health Benefits

According to a study from the University of Minnesota, owning a cat reduces your risk of heart attack by 30%. Cats have been found to lower anxiety, blood and cholesterol levels for their owners versus individuals that do not have a cat.  This is a great reason to make a cat a companion for you and your family.

Cats Make Great Companions

Healing Purrs

Cats make great companions because Their purrs can heal us! – Research has shown that exposure to the frequencies of a typical house cat purring, which is 20 to 50 Hz, induces increased bone density, relieves pain and heals tendons and muscles.

Cats Make Great Companions

Cat Can Boost Immunity

Research also shows that early exposure for babies and young children to pet dander and fur in the house results in increased resistance to allergens, which decreases risk for allergies and asthma. Children who own pets also show more empathy towards others and are more willing to help others.  What a great reason to make a cat a part of your home.

Cats Make Great Companions

They are Self-Sufficient

Cats are much less work than owning a dog.  Cats make great companions if you work long hours or do not like the idea of taking your pet outside for 3 walks a day, you don’t need to exercise your feline friend.  They can be left alone for longer periods of time, feed themselves, and can use the litterbox on their own. All that being said, your kitty still needs your time and attention to be happy and healthy. Cats just need less of it than a dog would.

Cats Make Great Companions


Having a cat in your life provides companionship and can make your house a home, whatever their personality. Whether your kitty comes running to the front door to greet you or only later leisurely makes their way to the kitchen to request their dinner, you and your feline friend will form a bond. This relationship creates a positive ripple effect which improves your mental wellbeing and reduces stress.

Apartments that Welcome Cats in Southern New Hampshire

Overall, owning a cat should bring positive aspects to your life! Cats make great Companions!  Did you know that every Red Oak apartment home is cat-friendly?  If you are looking to add a new feline friend and live in a Red Oak apartment, you can check out our pet policies.  If you would like more information on cats, general pet care, or even where to look for your next feline friend, check out:  Southern New Hampshire and the city of Manchester are great places to live.  Need an apartment?  We can help you find your perfect place.


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