Cheap Apartment Decorating Ideas for Fall

shelves with pumpkins

Try Gallery Shelving

Shelving is a great cheap apartment decorating idea, it’s amazing how adding two or three shelves on your wall can make a huge difference.  Choose different lengths and stagger them on a prominent wall in your apartment.  Add pictures and objects that remind you of fall in color or theme.  An orange candle, with silk leaves can be a great way to start.  Frame a picture with an orange mat, place it on the shelf to lean on the wall.  Your landlord will love that there are not a lot of holes there.  After the fall keep the shelves and place holiday or winter themed objects there.  The possibilities are endless.


Paint Options that are Apartment Friendly

There is nothing that is a more cheap apartment decorating idea than a fresh coat of paint. If you can’t or don’t want to paint the walls in your place then paint your furniture a bright fall color.  Orange tones, browns, rusts or tans are great colors that can look good year round.  Choose just 1 or 2 pieces to paint.  This will create contrast in your room.  A quart of paint is under $5 and it can make a big impact.  If you are artistic, you can buy a canvas at a local craft store and paint a picture or a geometric design with fall colors.  This will certainly brighten up any wall in your apartment.  Be careful to use drop cloths if painting in your apartment.

rug in apartment

Spruce Up Your Apartment Floors

Your apartment floors are what they are.  You can add a lot of style with an inexpensive area rug that coordinates with your fall themed colors.  It’s easy to store when you move to another season.  Simply roll it up and put it under your bed or stand it in the corner of your closet.

autumn centerpiece

Decorate by Bringing the Outside In​

Bring a natural element into your room to celebrate fall and the colors it shows off.   Find a branch from a tree that has an interesting shape.  Spray paint it (outside your apt and away from cars and people) in a bright fall color.  Place the dried branch in a floor sized basket or vase.  Hang homemade ghosts, paper pumpkins or cut out black cats from the branches.  If you really want to make a statement, add a string of orange colored lights to the tree branch.  You can also use outside furniture to bring the feeling of the outdoors into your apartment.  Have fun decorating your apartment and enjoy the fall in New England.

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