Dining Out with Food Allergies

Dining out with a food allergy can be tricky, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy the fun with everyone else! Having a food allergy means needing to be a little more attentive to the behind-the scenes preparation of your food. Even if there are no contaminants listed on the menu, it is always a good idea to check that your meal is safe all around!

Dining out with food allergies

Check out these tips for dining out with a food allergy

– Remember you are not alone! There are more than 3 million U.S. food allergy cases a year

– Look over the menu and get an idea of what choice you’d like to make- have your first pick and two backups in case one dish isn’t allergy safe

– Ask your server prior to ordering if she/he thinks your choice will work based on your dietary restrictions

– Always make sure to have the server talk to the chef!!!

– Restaurants have a system for doing this- usually there is a button on the server’s screen that allows them to make note of certain allergies which are then sent straight to the chef. However, it’s always a good idea to ask the server to notify the chef directly just to be sure

– If your server does not come back to confirm the dish is safe before delivering it to your table, ask again when the server puts your dish in front of you, “Did the chef said this was safe for me to eat?”

– Not everyone is as familiar or sensitive to catering to food allergies…Remember your safety comes first- if you do not feel comfortable eating the food (especially if the server seems unsure) Do NOT eat it!

– There is no harm in asking to speak directly to a manager about the preparation of your meal and how they handle food allergies. Guests with food allergies help the restaurant to be more aware of how to address specific allergies and ensure that guests are comfortable and safe.

Dining out with food allergies

Try These Restaurants that are Careful About Allergies

When you dine out there are resources to help you find restaurants that are allergy conscious.  Check out this list for guidance in Manchester


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