Fighting Odors in Your Apartment with Low Cost Solutions from your Pantry

Fighting Odors in Your Apartment

Let’s face it…odors happen.  It might be your smelly gym clothes after a jog, pet odors or that fishy smell after cooking a meal.  There is no need to buy expensive products for fighting odors in your apartment.  Here are 4 common items that you may already have in your cabinets or pantry that will do the trick when fighting many common odors. These do it yourself ideas can save you money and often times help save the environment too.

Fighting Odors in Your Apartment with These Products

Fighting Odors in your Apt

Baking Soda:

This product is not just for baking or making your fridge smell good.  It can fight odors by helping to eliminate pet odors by neutralizing the acids that cause the smells.  All you have to do is sprinkle it anywhere that pets like to sit, leave it for 30-40 minutes and then vacuum it up.  If your pet has an accident you can rub a paste made with baking soda into the area and let it absorb the odors.  Rinse with water and vacuum the baking soda up.


It’s just chemistry.  Chlorine bleach breaks up chemical bonds and removes odors from your washing machine.  How do you do this?  Take all your clothes out of your washing machine and run a hot cycle with ½ cup of bleach.  The next time you do your wash the clothes will smell fresher and cleaner.

Fighting Odors in Your Apartment


Did you know that you can destroy odors and bacteria in your microwave with Lemon Juice?  It only takes 2 to 3 minutes once a week.  Simply put 2-3 thick slices of lemon on a paper towel and microwave for 1 minute.  Let the microwave air out afterwards for a fresh smell.

Fighting Odors in Your Apartment

Lavender Oil:

This natural oil is an organic antiseptic and deodorizer that freshens the air.  Use a mixture of lavender oil and borax over your carpets.  Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum it up.  You will notice a big difference.

Lifestyle Changes to help with Apartment Odors

Smoking in your apartment can be one of the most notorious causes for making things smell stale and heavy.  You could try to quit or at least go outside when you smoke.  This will help to eliminate this major cause of odors indoors.  Another major cause of odors in an apartment comes from cooking.  If you have a fan in the hood over your stove be sure to put it on when cooking.  This will help to mitigate odors in the kitchen.  Open the windows in your apartment from time to time to let in natural and fresh air.  Even on a cold day, doing this for just a few minutes helps a lot.

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