How to Hang Pictures in Your Apartment without Damaging the Walls

You have chosen the perfect place to live and now you want to make it feel like your home.  Decorating your apartment is just one way to do this.  Another way to make it feel like home is to hang your favorite pictures on the walls of your new place. We often get questions about how to do this without damaging the walls in the apartment. One choice is to use Command Strips.  This product from 3M comes in a variety of sizes and works by just peeling the adhesive strip off the back of the compound.  The largest strips can hold a picture that is up to 24″ X 36″.  The best part is that when you are ready to move you just peel the adhesive off the wall.  No mark is left behind.  That’s nice!  You’ll never need a hammer and nails again with the Takker.   This is the super-easy-to-use cousin of the staple gun. Using the Takker is as simple as putting it on the wall where you’d like to hang your picture frame and then banging on the big red button. Just like that, the Takker puts a small but sturdy tack into the wall. Using the Takker for hanging pictures is a great option if you’re renting because those little tacks hardly leave a hole in your wall, so you’re sure to get your damage deposit back!

Example of photos hanging on a wall

Innovations for Hanging Pictures

Many folks like to take pictures and use them for wall art in their apartments.  One great idea to display all these photos is to use clothes pins to clip the photos on string or wire.  It is easy to use two thumb tacks to connect the wires to the  wall.  This method leaves only 2 holes in the wall instead of many.  You can choose to hang several rows of these photos to fill in a wall in your apartment.  We suggest mixing black and white photos with a few colored ones to really make the display pop.

Examples of wall art

Shelving to Display art work and colorful objects in Your Apartment

Why not think about using shelves to hold pictures or photos.  This is a great way to minimize the number of holes you put in the walls of your apartment and yet still be able to display several colorful pictures, vases or other art objects.  Shelving units are varied and can be part of your overall decorating scheme.  Some shelves are made with clear plastics and others can be made from metal, wood or painted steel.  Arrnaging the shelving around some pictures that are hanging independently on the wall is a good look for an apartment.  It is easy to change up what you put on shelves to make your apartment be decorated for the seasons.

Examples of digital display

Digital Displays for Art in Your Apartment

Technology is always changing and making life different.  Just a few years ago one would never have thought that a digital display would cut it as art in your home.  Today there are many devices that will sync with your phone’s camera roll to dispaly your photos.  These devices are inexpensive and  are able to always show your most current photos.  These digital photo albums are easy to set up and are always a nice housewarming gift to receive when you move into your apartment.   The added benefit to them is that they require no holes in the walls of your apartment. Frames or Bezels are the newest thing to hit the walls of apartments.  Samsung’s “The Frame” TVs are already some of the most stylish and living room-friendly models around. Now you can create a look that’s more uniquely your own with  customizable bezels. Prices are modest and they are designed specifically to fit Samsung’s 55″ UN55LS003 Frame TV, these bezels can help the Frame TV fit in seamlessly with your furnishings and artwork.  This also brings relief to those who don’t like looking at a blank TV.

Good luck decorating and enjoy your apartment home.

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