Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer without Breaking the Bank

School is out for the summer. For kids, this means that they have the whole summer ahead of them to spend having fun and not doing homework. For parents, this means that they have to figure out how to keep your kids busy all summer without breaking the bank in the process. Here are a few ideas for ways to let your kids have fun, but not worrying about spending too much money.

Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Enjoy Nature

Living in New Hampshire is good for many reasons.  Not least of which is that we are never far from open land and nature.  There are many family owned farms that welcome visitors in our state.  Many are not far from Manchester, NH.  Farm owners are often willing to let kids learn about how agriculture and farming benefits all of us.  Many have petting areas where kids can see farm animals up close and personal.  Check out these farms near where you live.

Visit the NH Audubon Center

The NH Audubon Center is located in Concord NH and admission is always free. The Center is located on acres of pristine grounds.  Programs are held year-round offering environmental education for all ages.  There are live animal exhibits (including a bald eagle), picnic areas, hiking trails and a nature store.  Kids can ask questions and experience a range of outdoor experiences at this location just off exit 2 from I-89.

Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Lemonade Stand

This classic summer activity for kids is a great way for them to have fun with their friends, but it also teaches them about the value of money and entrepreneurship. With a little bag of seed money and a trip to the grocery store, your kids are on their way to being successful lemonade business people. Testing their recipes and deciding when and where to sell their lemonade is a great learning activity.  Just make sure an adult is with them, both inside while they are making the lemonade and outside while they are selling it.

Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Libraries Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Some adults may see the library as just a place filled with books.  But it can also be a fun place to keep your kids busy all summer.   For kids a trip to the library could be a trip to a medieval castle or an alien planet. Your local library has lots of fun summer activities planned for kids, from story times to arts and crafts and everything in-between. And the best part? Most of them are free or very little cost if you have a library card! Check with your local library for the accurate listing of their current events.

You can also go into any library in the area to visit and read books.  We love to visit Boston and see the Boston Public Library.  The architecture here is amazing and art work that is incorporated into the design is priceless.  They offer free tours of this iconic gem often.  Another kind of library that is fun to visit are the ones in small towns.  The librarians in these small libraries are very welcoming and open to letting you come in the read or enjoy a kids program.  Check some out in southern New Hampshire

Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Hit the Road

Kids love to know they are going somewhere new or exciting. Take them somewhere they have never been before, like a beach or a park to add some spice to their summer. What you can do there varies based on the location, but you can find fun wherever you go!  Pack a picnic lunch, bring the sunscreen and some games to have fun anywhere.  What a great way to keep the kids busy all summer.  Try to plan a few excursions over the course of the summer vacation.

Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Learn a New Game

Why not try a game that you and your kids have never played.  Introduce them to a few over the summer months.  Kids love the strategy behind games like chess, dominoes or cribbage.  Invite some of their friends over to learn how to play too.  This way they will have a game buddy when you are busy with other things.

Don’t have any new games in the house?  You can make your own— It’s amazing what new games you can create with the space and the supplies you already have. If you have masking tape, you can turn your floor into a racing track for Hot Wheels or a hopscotch field. If you have some extra string, hang it up in the hallway of your own apartment and turn your kids into spies navigating a laser maze. For those really hot days, water balloons are a really cheap and fun way to keep cool. Just make sure that you pick up the broken balloons so pets and little ones don’t choke on it at your apartment community.

Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Playgrounds Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

A trip to a playground in your area makes for a great fun and inexpensive outdoor activity that will keep your kids busy all summer.  .  Visit different ones every week for variety.  Bring a picnic lunch and plenty of cold drinks to make the experience special and less expensive than going out to eat.  Your apartment community may have a great playground too.

Keep Your Kids Busy all Summer

Arts and Crafts

Kids love doing crafts.  One easy activity is rock painting.  Simple pick up some interesting rocks when you are out and about and then let your kids draw on them with paint or fine tipped markers.  They can paint scenic views, inspirational words or silly faces.  The hunt for interesting rocks to paint on can be an adventure for one day and then the painting can take place on the next day.  I guarantee that they kids will want to do this again and again.  Rock hunting may become their next new “thing.”

Southern New Hampshire and the city of Manchester are great places to live.  Need an apartment?  Red Oak Apartment Homes can help you find your perfect place. Check out our available apts here.  Many have playgrounds and are near libraries and other activities to keep your kids busy all summer.


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