Local Restaurant: Water Works Cafe – Manchester, NH

We live and work in the Manchester area, and we love to experience a variety of unique foods and menu options at area restaurants. Part of what we want to do with this blog is give you great recommendations on places to go that are local to your area.  We feel that part of living the Red Oak Life is to make the most of what our communities have to offer. Here in Manchester there are lots of restaurants, cafes, and bistros to make your taste buds dance. So, to sample the local cuisine, we set out into the old mill yard neighborhood to find something good for lunch.

Water Works Cafe for Lunch

The Water Works Cafe is located at 125 Commercial St. in Downtown Manchester. Water Works is a fantastic open-concept cafe in a historic building and revitalized area of town. Complete with hardwood flooring, lofted ceilings, cute circular tables, and a vintage industrial look, this cafe is perfect for a quick lunch-to-go or a quiet sit-in to relax for a while.

Steak Melt with Arugula and Fries at Waterworks Cafe, Manchester, NH

Soups, sandwiches and salads are prepared to order and ready in no time.  Gluten Free Options exist on the menu as well.  The Red Oak Blogger enjoyed a delicious dish!! It was called the Farmer’s Market Pasta with fresh veggies, buckwheat pasta and white wine sauce.  It was a fantastic.  The Burgers looked great as did the steak melt with arugula and fries.  Try this cafe!  You will not be disappointed.

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