Location Lowdown:  Farmer’s Markets around Manchester, NH

Blog post for those asking the question: Where is there a farmers market near me ?

In New Hampshire, the opening of the local farmers market is a sure sign that summer is here and the growing season is producing fresh foods, fruits and veggies.  Visiting an NH farmer’s market is fun because you can speak directly to the person who is growing the food you will buy and eat.  A main motivation for buying local at a farmers market is that you can cut out the middle man and save money.  Local farmers can offer you a good price because they are able to funnel profits directly to themselves rather than a distributor or wholesaler. So, stop wondering where there is a farmers market near me and find the perfect one here…

eggplant at farmer's market

How do farmer’s market prices compare to grocery stores?

In comparing pricing at local farmer’s markets and the large grocery chains we found that on average prices were equal to or less than the big box stores.  We found that organic produce was also similarly priced for some items.  Shopping in season makes a big difference in determining pricing too.  For instance, if you buy New Hampshire corn, the price will be better in Mid to late August than it will be when the first of the crop is picked in late July.  By the way, the sweet corn from NH farmers is the best tasting corn in the world…just saying.  Think about the weather conditions that the local farmer had to deal with too.  A season with little rain, will produce smaller and more expensive fruits and vegetables.  Keep an eye on what is in season and how plentiful the crop is.

produce at Manchester NH Farmer's Market

Ways to Save at the Farmer’s Market

There are many good deals to be found at local farmer’s markets.  Here are some ways to make your dollars go further when shopping there:

Buy in Bulk and Share with a friend.  This works well for dry goods, olive oils, beans and flour.

Ask if the farmer has any seconds or “cosmetically challenged” fruits and vegetables.  They will taste the same no matter what they look like and they will be cheaper.

Always buy your produce when it is in peak season.  Not only will you get a better deal, but the food will be tastier too.

Walk the market before you buy.  I once bought corn from the first vendor at the local market.  When I walked around a bit, I found a farmer in the back with a smaller table and prices that were 15% cheaper.

Shop at the end of the day.  The vendors don’t want to pack things up to bring home.

peas at Manchester New Hampshire Farmer's Market

Farmers Markets Near Me in Manchester NH

Intown Manchester organizes and runs the Manchester Farmer’s Market starting in late June at Stanton Park in downtown.  This location, that is right across the  street from Veterans Park, is open on Thursdays from 3pm to 6:30pm.  Parking is free in the Center of NH Parking Garage on the site.  The market will feature local fruits, vegetables, honey, baked goods and food products.  The vendors change through the season so a trip here is always exciting.

Bedford Farmer’s Market:

This farmer’s market is held every Tuesday from 3-6pm from mid-June thru Early October.  The location is the Saint Elizabeth Seton Parish Parking lot at 190 Meetinghouse Road in Bedford, NH.  This is a great farmer’s market with many vendors carrying a variety of foods and produce.  Crafters, artists and musicians are frequently here too.  The atmosphere is fun and lively.  A lot of people like to stop after work to pick up veggies for dinner so expect it to be busy around 5:00pm.  This Farmer’s Market received an Honorable mention from the Hippo Press.

Nashua Farmer’s Market:

This market is held on Sunday’s right on Main St from 10am to 2pm.  The season starts around mid-June and runs until mid-October. This market was a runner up from the Hippo Press for best farmer’s market.  We enjoy the fresh produce, homemade candy and the freshly baked bread from vendors here.  Sometimes there are flower vendors who are selling freshly cut blooms.

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