The Lowdown On Manchester Daycares

The Lowdown On Manchester Daycares

Choosing the correct daycare program is the number one priority for many parents. A constant worry as children grow up is for parents to ensure that their child will be in a nuturing school or daycare environment. Once children are old enough to go to school, parents start the search for that preschool, kindergarten or daycare that best caters to their child’s needs. We scoured Manchester and found some daycares that are worth a look for your child.

Infant to Kindergarten Programs

Colorful Apples Learning Center has the mindset that they are an extension of the families they help and they treat the children as such. The goal is to have this place to be the connection between school and home. The professionals here offer quality child care that they are proud of. They are also advocates in parent involvement. Thy want to give children opportunities to learn to be more responsible memebrs of their family.

For 30 years, Kiddie Corner Learning Center has created a learning, nurturing environment. The biggest lessons they try to teach children every day is kindness and understanding. They encourage children to learn and grow at their own pace. The curriculum is based around the children’s interests, making education exciting. Diversity and respect are what Kiddie Corner wants their students to take away with them after they leave the learning center. 

Noah’s Ark Child Care Center is proud to be a non-profit daycare center. Daycare and education programs start from infancy and go to kindergarten. They offer full-time preschool and kindergarten. There are tons of activities for children to do throughout the day. They have been in this current location since 2000.

St. Peter’s Home believes that every child is a unique individual. They also stress that parents are the most important figures in a child’s life. The professionals here pride themselves on their work ethic. The curriculum is based on the children’s emotional and cognitive growth. They offer services from infant care to kindergarten.

World of Discovery caters to the individual needs of both the child and the parent. They offer both part time and full time care. Snacks and lunch are provided in the cost of tuition. The biggest ratio between students and teachers is fifteen to one.

Infant to Elementary Programs

This is a very professional staff that are well certified. Little Frogs and Polliwogs has been in operation since 1979. The teachings here are made to have a positive and lasting effect on children. Play is used as a tool for learning and self-esteem building through hands-on and creative thinking. They also believe in having an honest and comfortable relationship with families.

The main objective is to make children and families feel comfortable. Here, making children happy jumpstarts their ability and curiosity to learn. Little Rising Stars Child Center allows children to sit on the sidelines if they are uncomfortable and allow them to join in when ready. There are caring teachers that always keep parents in the loop. The open door policy allows parents to always come in and speak their mind.

Wee Play School believes that children learn as they play. They guide children intellectually, socially, emotionally, and morally throughout the school year. Located in downtown Manchester is also super convenient for many parents. The entire staff is trained in early childhood education. They provide care from infancy to elementary.

Toddler to Kindergarten Programs

This center believes that children learn and grow best in a safe environment. Kindertree Learning Center succeeds in helping children grow in all aspects of their development (physical, emotional, cognitive and social). By observing children, the staff here is able to communicate better with parents about what it is their child is excelling at or needs additional support with. Learning is based on experiences that focus on individual children’s interest and the entire group’s. They pay special attention to concerns they may have and offer parent/teacher conferences for any questions, comments or concerns.

Toddler to Elementary Programs

The Manchester Child Development Center allows children to learn through playing while staying safe. They help children gain independence and self-awareness. The teachers here want to interest and challenge children. With many different ways of learning throughout, so that no one is bored. Their services range from nursery to elementary after school care.

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