Save Money When Shopping Online

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How to save money shopping online

#1 Search Online for Coupons

Coupons have become digital and can help you save money when shopping online. You just need to know where to look for them on the internet. The website is an amazing resource for those who are looking to save money. They have an online database of over 60,000 online stores with up to date coupons for them. It is definitely worth a click to see if there are any coupons for the online store you are buying from. You never know how much you can save when you are at checkout on many sites.


#2 Look for Rebate Sites On-Line

Much like in the real world, if you are looking to save money when online shopping, you need to poke around a little bit to see who has the best deals. Fortunately, there are sites like (formerly known as to help.  This site not only helps you find deals and rebates on items you buy on-line, it also offers deals on ride shares, food delivery and on trips to your local mall.  Use this site every time you buy.

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Tip #3 Opt-In for Your Favorite Store Emails

Often times, retailers want their most loyal customers to be the ones who save money when online shopping. Some retailers will only publicize certain sales and deals to customers on their email list. The only way to know about these deals is to be on their list. With some retailers, you can save as soon as you sign up for the list. It could be worth getting an occasional email to save some money.  You can always opt out if you don’t like getting these emails later on.  If you have other coupons for the site you can often double up on your savings at check out.

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Tip #4 Cyber Monday

It may sound crazy to wait for one day to shop but there are great deals to be had on Cyber Monday. This day, on the Monday right after Thanksgiving is when online shopping really heats up! If you know you need a big-ticket item, an appliance or electronic gadgets you can plan to wait until this day to save a lot of money.  Many times, retailers extend the deadlines to Cyber Monday to include the whole week after Thanksgiving too.  Cyber Monday is like Black Friday without the long lines, early wake-ups and the hassles.  Shop in your PJ’s from home all day!

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Tip # 5 Use Your on-line Shopping Cart Wisely 

It’s a little known fact that when you leave items in your on-line shopping cart for a period of time the retailer starts wondering why.  Many times, they will send you an e-mail alert letting you know that if you act on your items they will give you a better price or a discount.  Try placing items you want in your shopping cart to see if this holds true for you. You may be surprised by how quickly they will be arriving at your door by mail.

Regardless of what you are looking to buy online, always be sure to deal with reputable companies, check reviews for the items you wish to buy and know the return policies for your items if you need to make an exchange or return.

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