Search For Your Next Apartment Like a Pro – 6 Tips to Help Make your Dream a Reality!

Colin Powell once said that, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”. Sadly, the search for apartment rentals you have been dreaming of cannot take place with the flick of a wand or walking around the forest with a water dowser. Just because the process of finding a new apartment with everything that you are looking for seems like a daunting challenge, as long as you do your research and think about what exactly it is you are looking for, the blurred image of you kicking your feet up on the couch of your newly moved-in apartment can become a reality. Here are 6 tips to

Search for apartment rentals like a pro!

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What and Where is your dream Apartment?

Realizing what you want and need, as well as what you don’t, from an apartment is the best first thing you can do. Whether a studio just for you is what you’re looking for, or a three bedroom for your family or college roommates, the layout is very important. If being on a certain level of an apartment community is important to you, make sure to make a mental note of that as well and ask about it when you make calls.  Write down what amenities and features have to be in your apartment, like a microwave, walk-in closets or pet friendly places.

 Another important thing to think about is the ever popular, ‘Location, Location, Location’. For this purpose, where exactly do you want to live, what goods and services need to be around where you live and what is your ideal distance from where you work? Think about the other side of these questions as well, meaning, how does noise, local traffic and the amount of neighborhood activity matter to you? Living near a stadium or on a main street may or may not be for you. However, a quiet, country setting may not be the ideal place for a social butterfly.

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Have a Realistic Budget for your Dream Apartment

Before you ogle at apartment homes, make sure that you are looking at places that you can realistically afford. An extremely common method of finding your budget potential is to allot thirty percent of your monthly income to rent. For example, a person living alone making $2,500 a month should be looking to pay anywhere from $700-$800 a month in rent. This is an important step so that you can eliminate places before you start residentially salivating.

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Search for Your Apartment on the Web

Researching on the Internet for that awesome apartment can yield way too many results. Here at Red Oak Apartment Homes, we have over 1,800 different multi-family style homes and apartment homes to rent. You can find our available rentals on our website but also on popular websites like, or, with a lot of other choices, too. Even Craigslist has a multitude of options that many people overlook. Also, don’t worry if your list of potential apartments gets very long. Having a list of places to check out means that you are closer to moving in!

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Prepare to Tour an Apartment

When you go and visit the apartments that you researched and liked, make sure to bring with you any questions that you might have. Leasing professionals know their properties like the back of their hand and can answer anything that might be on your mind concerning the place you’re looking at. Make sure to bring all of the documentation you need as well. Most apartment communities require a photo ID to tour an apartment. It is important to view the apartments that you are interested in because photos are wonderful but sometimes pictures can give an apartment not enough justice, or way too much. The best camera is the human eye, after all!  Schedule a tour at a Red Oak Apartment Home in Manchester, Derry , Milford, Merrimack, Laconia or Boscawen

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Keep an Open Mind…and Wallet

There is a good chance that everything you wanted in a dream apartment cannot be in the apartments that you visited and/or can afford. It is important to focus on what places are at your disposal and choosing the apartment home that is right for you. You have to be quick, though. If you really like one of the places you visited, chances are other people have toured it and liked it as well. You may have awhile to make a decision or you may have to pull the trigger before the place you like gets snatched before you can get it. Always be keeping an eye on what you like and do not be afraid to take that chance if you really like that apartment.

Rent From Professional Property Management Companies

Here at Red Oak Apartment Homes, renting from professionals is easy. The two biggest aspects of renting here are finding the apartment that fits your lifestyle and how innovative the rental process is here. Red Oak has over 1,900 apartment homes that come in all shapes and sizes, with all of them being pet-friendly in some manner.  The no security deposit policy at Red Oak is a game changer for those looking to rent an apartment.  With 24-hour emergency maintenance and staff both on-site, online and on the phone (including Spanish speaking leasing professionals), there are many employees that can help you out in every facet of the apartment home renting process. Red Oak also makes renting an ease-of-mind experience, with an easy approval process and transfer policy at the end of a lease to our sister properties. There are also options when you lease such as 48-hour back out, affordable lease buyout programs and promotional lease terms that can fit anyone’s rental and leasing needs.  Red Oak’s owner, Ron Dupont, is on-site and hands on every day.  He has been offering exceptional rental experiences to folks since 1984.

Realizing what you want and need, as well as what you can afford is crucial. Make sure to do your research and ask as many questions as you can think of  when searching for an apartment. It may not be that apartment that you dreamt about every night in your head for six months (or maybe it is, which is awesome) but any place can be called home as long as you feel happy and can fall asleep peacefully. Hopefully you will be moving in and decorating your home sweet home soon.


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