Space Saving Tricks for Small Apartments

Saving money and saving space go hand in hand when making your rental dollars stretch!  There are clever ways that you can make your apartment comfortable and use your space to it’s fullest potential.   Check out these simple ideas that will help with Space Saving Tricks for Apartment Living.


1.  Use Your Wall Space

When renting an apartment we often look only at the square footage of the floor space when thinking about the usable space for our belongings.  Resist this urge and be imaginative.  Take a look at the wall space and go vertical when decorating or arranging furniture.  Think about the use of shelving, stackable bookcases and hanging storage baskets when you want to store all your belongings.  In your bedroom, use wall shelves above your headboard as night stands.  In the dining area put up decorative shelving in an interesting pattern to create a visually pleasing look and to store your dishes, glassware or decorative platters, bowls and serving ware.  In the living room stackable shelving can go a long way to help you store books, baskets of towels, linens or things your family uses often.  Space Saving Tricks for Apartment Living don’t have to be hard to do.

fold down table

2.  Fold Out Furniture 

We love the idea of furniture that can fold up or be disguised.  Take a look at this amazing Fold Down Table.  The sleek lines go with any décor and when it is not in use your apartment space will look and feel larger.  You can also look for beds that will fold up and go against the wall of your apartment.  This will free up floor space during the day in your studio apartment.

Decorative apartment

3.  Keep your color palette Neutral or Monochromatic

If your apartment is busy with lots of color, patterns and gadgets it will look smaller.  Try to use one calming neutral color for all your furniture, the walls, floor coverings and lamps.  Choose 1 or 2 objects that have a common splash of design or color.  For instance, a bright pillow on your sofa, or on a chair in your bedroom.  In your kitchen keep your dish patterns simple and stick to one color here too.

4.  Make your Closet Space work Overtime

Take what closet space you have and make it really matter.  We love command hooks on the walls of the closet, an over the door shoe rack or shoe bag system for shoes and small accessories and clear plastic storage boxes on the closet shelves to store smaller articles of clothing that don’t need to be hanging.

Mums in front of an apartment building

5. Find a Great Apartment in New Hampshire

When you are apartment hunting look for a place that has storage options, lots of wall space, the ability to rent a storage space for all your off season items and a location that is close to storage.  Need help finding a great apartment?   Let Red Oak Apartment Homes in Manchester NH help.  We have a great variety of trendy apartment homes in Southern New Hampshire.  Contact us for more info.

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