Time Management for Busy Millennials

time management

Life is hectic and packed with lots of things to do.  Work, family, kids and social activities side track us from what has to get done every day!  It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed because you are constantly trying to catch up and trying to get ahead.  If you feel this way you are not the only one.  Many Millennials feel the stresses of keeping up. They are sick of trying to get work accomplished only to be distracted by many external influences and demands.  Here are some useful tips that will help with time management for busy Millennials.

You are not alone.  The first thing that will help you to curb the feeling of being overwhelmed is to think to yourself that you will focus on short term tasks and then long term projects to make progress every day to be in a better place more organized place.

Many experts suggest setting up a Time Management Master Schedule

Time blocks in a master schedule allow you to schedule tasks into an organized series of short time periods. It allows you to be focused on the task and to block out things that will distract you. It also allows you to set time limits on tasks you may not like to do. For example if ironing is your nemesis create a 15 minute block for it twice a week. This way you know that it will be over with quickly. It’s a motivating feeling.

Benefits of time block planning in a Master Schedule: Fewer Distractions. More time to dedicate to longer term task goals Motivate yourself to do less desirable tasks by having a set time limit for them. You will work more quickly to get the tasks done within the time you have allotted. Your day is mapped out for you so you will have flexibility if you need to work around schedule changes. You will gain time for things you like to do.

How to Get Started: Figure out how many hours you have available to get your stuff done. You might know that each week you need 1 hour per day for these tasks. Create a list of all the chores you have to get done. At home the list might include things like laundry, cooking, cleaning bathrooms, grocery shopping or meal planning. At work it might include weekly reports, planning events, breaking down daily tasks or budget preparation. Assign time blocks to the most important tasks on your list. Fit tasks into 15 to 30 minute blocks. Include time for physical work and for preparing to do the task. Create a list of long term tasks that you know need to be done. Things like cleaning out a closet, landscape the back yard or plan a long range project for work.

How to Use This Management Schedule: Every week set up the tasks to be done each day. Every day look at the schedule you have set up. Choose the thing you are least excited to do and get it done first. It will feel good to cross it off. Set a timer when you begin a task. When time is up for a task move on to the next one. Work on your list early so that you can reap the benefits of finishing early. If you see that you always finish early you can put more tasks into your schedule for the next week.

Millennials can stay on track with a system like this Being deadline driven is a good practice to get into. Being a procrastinator does not help you to achieve your goals. Good luck! Just think about how much time you will have left over to relax in your apartment home, do the hobbies you enjoy and have fun with your family and friends. At Red Oak Apartment Homes we have a wide variety of apartment choices in 7 Southern New Hampshire towns and cities. Pet friendly, urban, suburban and some with utilities included. We have the best variety and prices in the state.

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