Tips on How to Deter Car Thieves at your Apartment Parking Lot

Deter Car Thieves

Thieves are everywhere and can strike at any time.  There are many steps that you can take to help deter car thieves when parked at your apartment community.   Thieves like to roam around looking for easy targets. Don’t be careless.  It only takes a minute to ensure that your car will not be a target for thieves.

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Before you leave your car, remember these 8 tips to deter car thieves 

  • Leave valuables in your apartment so there’s nothing to steal; otherwise, take them with you or lock them in the glove box or trunk.  Don’t tempt thieves to “smash and grab” your valuables by leaving them in plain sight.  You might have a blanket in your trunk to cover items.  Thieves are less likely to risk getting caught if they don’t know what they are getting.
  • Lock your car.  According to the authorities, leaving vehicles unlocked is still one of the most common things that people do to help thieves.   Do this even if you are leaving your car for only a minute.
  • Roll up your windows completely.  Even a small opening makes it easier to break in.
  • Don’t leave anything in your car with your address in plain sight.  Identity theft is no picnic so don’t leave your mail, registration card or your insurance card out on the seat of your car.
  • Invest in a locking gas cap.  This let’s the thief know your not an easy target.
  • Remember thieves watch parking lots; hide valuables before getting to your destination.
  • Consider a car alarm; thieves don’t like them.
  • If you see any suspicious activity contact the Manchester police at 603-668-8711.

Keeping items from your car from getting stolen is important.  But also think about not allowing your vehicle to be the major target for thieves.  Make your car less desirable by doing some simple things like parking in a well-lit area, using “The Club” or a device like it that locks the steering wheel and by displaying a decal from a car security company on your windshield.

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Apartment Hunting in Southern New Hampshire

Looking for a great place to live?  Choose an apartment that has good lighting in the parking lots, an entry system that is secure and staff that can help you if you have questions about safety and protecting yourself from thieves.    Red Oak Apartment Homes in Manchester, Milford and Derry New Hampshire can guide you in picking the right apartment for you.  Contact Red Oak about available apartments.

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