Your First Apartment Kitchen Set:  The 5 Tools You Must Have

Serving Spoons

Your first apartment kitchen set

When you are just starting out, having the right tools and equipment in your apartment’s kitchen are essential.  As you gain experience cooking and enjoying first apartment kitchen set you will learn what tools work best for you.

There are some experts who believe that there are 5 essentials that you just can’t be without.  Do your research to look for good prices on these items.  We would recommend that you look for a high-quality product at the best price you can afford for these items.  You will be happy with the performance of the items if they are of good quality.

Kitchen Knives 3

First:  Knives

You will have to slice, chop or dice something at some point in your kitchen.  The two most important knives to have will be a chef’s knife and a paring knife.  A good knife will feel balanced and comfortable when you hold it.  These two knives will work well if you are cutting fruit, herbs, meat or veggies.  Keep your knives sharpened for good results.

Six wood cutting boards

Second:  Cutting Board

Most experts recommend that you have a dedicated cutting board for meats and another for fruits and veggies.  Although this is ideal, you can get away with just one cutting board if funds are tight.  The key to remember is that you must wash the board properly between uses.  This will avoid cross contamination.  We recommend a wooden cutting board.  It is easier on your knives and it is not too costly.  Remember to replace a wood board if it develops cracks or the seams come apart.

Essential kitchen tools

Third: Essential Kitchen Tools

If you go to the kitchen gadget section of a housewares store you will see literally hundreds of tools.  Don’t be overwhelmed.  There are just a few that you really need to get started with.  At the very least you should have a hand-operated can opener, a pair of tongs, a vegetable peeler and a colander.  These will make it easy to prepare meals in your apartment’s kitchen. 

Green bowls

Fourth:  Mixing Bowls

Almost everything you make in your your first apartment kitchen will require a bowl of some sort.  Yes, you will prepare food, but bowls are great for serving food.  If you decide to invest in ones with lids, then they also can serve as storage too.  Bonus for those on a budget.  Look for durable bowls that can handle large and small recipes.  Often times you will find that they are sold in nested groups.

Measuring spoons

Fifth:  Measuring Cups

Recipes work much better if you measure the ingredients precisely.  Did you know that wet and dry ingredients have measuring cups that are specific to their unique qualities? You might think of adding measuring spoons to your first apartment kitchen set arsenal as well.


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