Signs You Have a Bad Roomate

I haven’t slept in days because they are so loud, the apartment is a mess, and their rent is late again, what did I get myself into?  Have you asked yourself these questions about your roommate? These may be Signs of a bad roommate.  It happens, because sometimes you don’t really know someone until you live with them. How to tell you have a bad roommate? Here are…

Signs of a bad roommate

dirty dishes

A Roommate who is not Clean

Are there dishes in the living room, bedroom and everywhere but the sink? Is there hair in the bathtub drain that does not belong to you? Is there toothpaste in the sink and all over the counter? Do your floors feel like a sticky fly trap?  Cleanliness is important!

Paying Their Portion of the Rent

It is vital that your rent payment gets paid on-time, if it is not, this can lead to late fees and potentially the start to the eviction process. No one wants this!

loud children

A Roommate who is Loud

It is important that you roommate with someone who has a similar lifestyle as you. If you enjoy staying up late, listening to music, and entertaining then you will surely want to share your living space with someone similar.  Do you like quiet and solitude and your roommate is a non-stop talker… then this may be trouble.   If you don’t enjoy these types of things but your roommate does, you will most likely have problems. If this sounds like your roommate or even you, these could be signs that you have or are a bad roommate.

room mates

What to Do When You Have a Bad Roommate?

1. Find common ground, because no matter how different you may appear, chances are you have at least ONE major thing in common.  Try talking about the issues that are bothering you and find the areas that you do have in common.  Create a schedule or plan for how to cope with each other’s habits and preferences.

2.  Be Direct.  Instead of beating around the bush, confront the problem you are having head-on. Tell your roommate what’s bothering you and why. Be polite about it, and don’t play the blame game.  Discuss ways to solve the problem.

3.  Find a New Roommate.  Sometimes you just can’t overcome the differences that exist between you and your roommate.  If that is the case you may want to ask them to move out if you are the primary lease holder for the apartment.  Make sure that if you get another roommate that you let your landlord know about it.  There are often times rules about sub-letting your apartment or bringing in a new roommate.

4. Talk Don’t Text.  It’s okay to text a roommate about little things that happen, but when you need to have a conversation about a larger issue do it in person.  Try to use “I” messages and not be hostile or accusatory.

5.  Be sure you hold Yourself to the Same Standards that you Want Your Roommate to have.  It is very important to be the bigger person sometimes and to exhibit the kinds of behavior you desire.

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