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The Lowdown on Manchester Pet Services

The bond between humans and dogs is extremely close and is founded on loyalty. Dogs crave human affection and humans love the companionship. As adult life gets increasingly busy and full of events and work, it is important that pets get the attention that they need. Luckily here in Manchester, there are many businesses that focus on the needs of pets and the importance of social interaction. From walking and pet care, to training and dog supplies, there are many ways to keep dogs from feeling lonely while their owners are off at work or vacation. Here are just a few of the businesses around the city that offer these services. 

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Do You Know Manchester? Summer Sports Edition

Living in Manchester New Hampshire is great for so many reasons.  One of the best things is that our summer months are spectacular to be out of doors.  There are many opportunities to enjoy sports in this part of the state and there are even greater opportunities just an hour south in Boston

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Snow Removal: The Red Oak Team is Ready for Action

When snow is headed to New Hampshire the Red Oak Snow Team snaps into action.  Our crews start preparing way ahead of the storm and are committed to clearing out the snow as quickly and efficienly as possible.

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Red Oak Maintenance Works

The Red Oak Maintenance Team Works for you, our residents.  Our number 1 priority is to make sure your apartment is in the best working order possible.

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We Just Made Transferring From One Apartment to Another Easy!

We Just Made Transferring From One Apartment to Another Easy!  Red Oak's President, Ron Dupont is redefining the Rental Experience.

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New Restaurants in Manchester, NH

Manchester is always growing and expanding!   2016 brought a lot of NEW Restaurants to Elm Street in Manchester!!
Here are 4 NEW Restaurants to check out in 2017!

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