3 Easy Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Winter Time

dog in winter

Safety tips for dogs in winter

The winter months are upon us and that means the temperatures are falling.  Just as we humans need to keep warm and dry in the cold, our pets need some special consideration too.  Despite your dog’s thick fur, it doesn’t mean your dog should be exposed to freezing temperatures for hours.  Dogs can’t withstand low temperatures for long periods of time without the help of their humans. If you leave your dog outside for an extended period, his body temperature can drop and lead to hypothermia or frostbite.  Check out our safety tips for dogs in winter.

Be wary of Frostbite

When a dog is exposed to cold temperatures for a long time, his body will automatically pull all the blood towards the core of his body to keep the vital organs running (heart, lungs). This will reduce the blood flow in other body parts like their paws, tail or ears. Those body parts can get so cold; ice crystals may form and damage the tissue! When the tissue dies, it becomes black and eventually will fall off. Signs of frostbite may take days to appear! So, don’t leave your dog outside during wintertime!

pug in winter

Warm Dog Clothing

Safety tip #2 for dogs in winter is to put clothing on the dog. There are many companies that manufacture clothing for dogs of all sizes.  Puppies, senior dogs, skinny dogs or short-haired dogs can benefit from a doggie jacket.  Wondering if your dog will like a coat?  Give it try…most dogs get used to a sweater or jacket easily and they even begin to associate them with going out for a walk or some fun.

dog in winter time

Protect the dog’s Paws and Fur from Water

Dogs can be sensitive to hypothermia if they get wet in cold weather.  You should not allow your dogs to swim in lakes or ponds when the temperatures are freezing.  Protect their paws from puddles and slush too.  Ask your groomer to trim all the excess hair from between your dog’s toes.  This hair can hold clumps of ice which can hurt your pup.  It’s a good idea to invest in a pair of doggie booties to protect their paws from the weather.  After you take your dog out in the winter be sure you clean their paws so that any de-icing chemicals, ice or dirt are washed off.

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