3 Must know Tips for Decorating Your Apartment in Black and White

Black and white furniture

When you rent an apartment, more often than not the interior walls will be painted a neutral white color.  There are a lot of advantages to this as white makes the rooms in your apartment seem bright and airy.  White is a peaceful and uplifting color that is conducive to rest and relaxation.  Apartments are white to help accommodate individual occupant’s personal tastes for color and design.  Think about it…if you saw an apartment that was all purple you might not want to rent there.  A white apartment allows you to choose a purple (or green, yellow or red) couch, curtains and accessories to show off your favorite color palette.  Many individuals like to keep decorating easy. A black and white color scheme is one way to do this.  Use our tips to decorate your apartment in black and white.

Here are some design tips for decorating your apartment in Black and White

Accent color on white couch

Focus on Texture when you Decorate Your Apartment in Black and White

If you want to create interest when you have little color in your apartment, you should place various interesting textures into your rooms.  Look for rugs, pillows or blankets that are interesting and have lots of textural surfaces.  You can choose furniture that has wood surfaces that have texture too.  Glass and mirrors are interesting to include. Antique or new wood painted black is an idea that creates texture in a room.  Keep it light and be sure to think about plants too.

Choose an Accent Color when you Decorate Your Apartment in Black and White

A black and white scheme can really be made to pop if you choose one accent color that is very rich in vibrancy.  Don’t over use this color as that will detract from your Black and White theme.  Let’s say that you like the color blue.  Choose 1 picture to hang in your room that is full of this color.  It will create a focal point for your space.  You could also choose 1 chair in your favorite color, or dishes in your kitchen with this color.  Pair with white linens, towels and sheets for a stunning look.

Know Your Stain Tolerance

If you have young children or lots of guests who are messy, your white room will be a magnet for stains.  When choosing materials pick ones that are stain resistant or can easily be cleaned and washed.  There are some great choices for indoor/outdoor fabrics and rugs that would be ideal for this. Keep your rooms bright by cleaning on a regular schedule to make sure that your white walls and woodwork stay clean and dust free too.

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