3 New Tips to Make Moving Stress-Free

How to make moving easy

Life sometimes can throw curve balls at you.  This is especially true when you have to move.  There are so many things to consider before you move.  You have to pick a new apartment, notify everyone and every business you deal with about your new address, you must plan how you will get all your belongings from one place to the next and you must try not to exhaust yourself with all the moving day stresses.  Moving is something that we all encounter at one time or another and it’s best to just try to go with the flow.  However, you can try to make some plans that will make the day go a little easier.

Here are some of our newest ideas to help you make your move to a new apartment stress free.

man ponding what to unpack first

Tip #1 –  Picture Your Move Being Successful

Visualize all the things that must get done to make the move go smoothly.  Schedule the moving company, organize the friends who will help you and know what the difference is in size from your old place to your new apartment.  When you pack keep these things in mind.  Only pack the things that will fit in your new apartment.  Don’t spend time and money moving things you won’t use in your new place.  If you are using a moving company check with them for how they want things wrapped.  Why waste time wrapping the TV or your large pieces of furniture when their insurance will require them to do it.

mattress with calendar wall haning

Tip #2 –  Don’t Move an Old Mattress

Chances are you have a mattress that is ready to be retired.  75% of Americans do.  Don’t bother moving your old mattress. Order a new one and have the furniture company deliver it to your new address.  Schedule the time you want the new mattress delivered to coordinate with your move-in date.  That takes a lot of stress out of your moving day.


Tip #3 – Remember to Pack an Open First Box

On the day you are moving there are a lot of things going on.  There will be many, many boxes and bags to unpack and it could take days or weeks to finish unpacking. We recommend packing an “Open First” box.  This is a box that contains all the things you’ll need the first day you are in your new apartment.  Mark the box clearly on the outside that it should be opened first.  Finding your toothbrush, PJ’s or your favorite slippers will be difficult if you don’t pack it this way.  Pretend you are going on a 3-day weekend trip.  Pack 1 box with the everyday essentials you will need for 2-3 days.  Have several changes of clothing, toiletries, medications, soap, a towel and a set of sheets.  Make sure to remember to have chargers for your electronics and necessities like toilet paper. If you are packing the coffee maker in the open first box, don’t forget to pack the coffee and a cup!

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