3 Ways to Save Money and Energy in Your Apartment

energy saving tips

Save Money and Energy in Your Apartment

Choosing an apartment for your home is smart for many reasons.  The freedom and flexibility that it offers is a tremendous thing.  Saving money is a factor no matter where you decide to live.  One way to save in your apartment is by being conscious of energy costs.  There is a misconception that in order to save energy you must spend lots of money on long-term changes such as equipment and materials that as a renter you can’t do to your apartment unit.

Don’t worry…here are 3 Ways to Save Money and Energy in Your Apartment.  Saving energy keeps your rent from increasing a lot and helps make the world a greener place.

water saving tips

Don’t Waste Water

I’m sure you have heard some of these tips before, but they work and bear repeating.  Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, only run the dishwasher when it is completely full, when you take a shower save the water that that is usually wasted as you wait for the water to warm up.  You can use it for watering your plants or for your pet to drink.  Another way to save water is to put a rust-proof bottle in the toilet tank to lessen the amount of water used with each flush.

Warm Weather vs. Cold Weather

If it’s warm outside you can save money on air conditioning costs.  Try closing shades and curtains to keep sun out of your rooms in the warmest part of the day.  Use a fan instead of A/C when possible.  Put a plate with ice cubes in front of the fan and the air will get cooled.  Eating cold food and not using your oven will keep your place cool too.  Sandwiches, salads or food that can be cooked in a microwave will work and are easy to prepare.  Try drinking cold water.  This will cool you off. When the weather turns cold you can save heat by rolling a towel to block drafts from windows or doors.  Make sure that any windows that are broken are repaired by your apartment maintenance team.  Weather stripping under a door may help too.  There are curtains that you can buy that are insulated to keep out the cold.  Close them when the weather turns frigid.

electrical power strip

#3 Unplug Appliances When not in Use:

The biggest energy users are computers and TV’s that are left plugged in when not in use.  You can unplug your toaster, coffee pot or laptop too. These small steps are easy and inexpensive – just the reason you chose to live in an apartment home!  Need a great apartment at a great price?  Contact Red Oak.

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