5 Tips for Entertaining in Your Apartment

Table setting for entertaining

Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a dinner party.  Pick a good night and have your friends over for a dinner party.  Having friends over to your apartment is fun and eventful.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to host a party in a small apartment

food for a party

Pick a menu that is easy to Cook in Your Apartment

Try to choose menu items that can be made ahead of time. Serve salads or appetizers that are cold. This will give your guests something to eat before the main course. Another option is to ask your guests to bring a dish. Be sure to coordinate with them ahead of time so that you don’t end up with 3 green salads. Want to save money when throwing a party? Limit your expenses for drinks by serving just beer and/or wine to your guests.

Furniture for a party

Make the space in your apartment work for you

One big piece of advice for how to host a party in a small apartment is to declutter your apartment before your guests arrive. Clean the kitchen and living room so that there is space for guests to sit. An immaculate bathroom is always important but even more so when you have guests. Use counter space as a serving station for appetizers. This will save space in the long run. Use furniture that does double duty. A sofa table can become a dining space or a buffet table. Don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture to make the space for your guests more comfortable. 

entertain in your apartment

Extend the Party Outdoors

Your apartment may get pretty warm if you have a party.  Why not have the appetizer portion of your meal on your apartment’s deck or patio.  This will let air into your place and will allow your guests to move around a bit.    Another cool idea:  go for a walk between dinner and dessert.  This will allow your guests to stretch their legs between courses.

flameless candles in your apartment

Create a Simple Décor Theme for Your Apartment Party

Set the mood for your party with simple decorations.  Fresh flowers or flameless candles add ambience and a good mood.  Instead of a centerpiece, use small vases as place card holders.  Seasonal decorations are plentiful at stores and using tablecloths or napkins in colors to match the season is a great way to create a beautiful table scape.

Food for a Party

Be mindful of your Neighbors

Remember that you are hosting a party in a place where other people live too.  Try to keep your party on a quiet tone.  Make sure your dinner party doesn’t last too late into the night.  If it gets late and you don’t want the party to stop why not move everyone to a nearby restaurant or other local establishment for dessert and coffee before your guests head home.

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