Dining in Downtown Manchester: The 110 Grill!

Dining at the 110 Grill Manchester NH

We recently visited the new 110 Grill at 875 Elm Street in downtown Manchester. Located on the first floor of the former Citizens Bank building, this 110 Grill is their largest yet. With 16 restaurants up and running, and 7 more currently being built, Manchester is number sixteen in the successful 110 Grill lineup.

Bar at the 110 Grill

Downtown Dining Near Parking

The best parking option, when dining in this challenging downtown location, is the Red Oak Parking Garage, located just behind the restaurant.  The garage is your best option for parking. Since the front door to the 110 Grill is actually on Manchester Street, not Elm, you won’t even have to walk all the way around the block to get in.


110 Grill entry door on Merrimack Street

Fun Atmosphere in this Restaurant

Upon entering, we immediately found the atmosphere festive and fun. At the 110 Grill Manchester NH, we could feel the positive energy of the staff as they happily buzzed around the restaurant, and our server was definitely a part of that energy, easily answering our questions about the menu. The one question she didn’t know the answer to was quickly researched and followed up with.  The kitchen is open to a good portion of the restaurant, and we watched its well-choreographed activity as beautifully prepared plates rapidly appeared on the counter under bright lights.

yummy dip

Eating in Manchester Just Got Better

The food was amazing. We ordered a couple of appetizers.  The Artichock Dip with Toasted Naan bread and the Chef’s Plate filled with roasted red pepper hummus, fig jam, tzatziki sauce, cucumber slices, artichoke hearts, candied pecans, blue cheese, grapes, olives, roasted red peppers, naan triangles and toasted ciabatta were outstanding. For dinner, I ordered the Cuban Swordfish served with a spiced black bean, corn and rice salad. The manager stopped by to greet us, and I learned their fish is delivered fresh from the coast daily. It tasted like it, and the unique salad was a tasty surprise I would have been happy to eat on its own.  My dining partner chose the Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich which was served on a nice, puffy pretzel bun. He mentioned that when he thought of cordon bleu, he thought of the lukewarm meals served in function halls. Truth! But this was as far removed as possible from that unpleasantness, and he ate every juicy morsel. No leftovers for him.


Room for Dessert

We split the Apple Donut Shortcake for dessert. It was a pile of hot, juicy cinnamon apples poured on a warm apple cinnamon donut and topped with vanilla ice cream with bourbon caramel. It was served on a hot skillet and was so melty and delicious, I can’t even put it into words. But it definitely tasted like fall. Just get it!


Outdoor Dining in Manchester

When the weather cooperates the outdoor lounge area looks very appealing.  We plan to become regulars at this 110 Grill. Luckily the location is in our property Red Oak at 875 Elm Street and is just steps from our Opera Block Apartments and not far from many other Red Oak Apartments.  The prices are moderate, and the total for all of the above, plus two cocktails, came to $84 before tip. The quality of the establishment – from the food and the décor to the staff and the atmosphere – makes this an experience worth repeating.  Tell them Red Oak sent you!

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