How to Throw a Great Halloween Party without Breaking the Bank!

Halloween party cake

Halloween may be filled with tricks and treats, but you don’t want to trick your wallet by throwing an expensive Halloween Party. By following these simple tips on how to throw a Halloween party you can make sure the only tricks at your party are the ones you play on your guests.

Be Strategic with Your Time

If you plan your party for around 5-6 ish, your guests may expect you to serve them dinner. Unless you have the time or the budget to do that, you may want to stick with a start time of around 8:00. That way, not only can you get away with serving simple appetizers, you can add to the spooky ambiance with the darkness outside.

Plan Your Halloween Party’s Sweet Treats

One of the main treats at any Halloween party is Candy! Every kid (and kid at heart) loves a bar of their favorite candy. Fortunately, Halloween time leaves no shortage of Halloween candy in stores. If you are planning on shopping for candy for your party, make sure you check the store circulars for sales. Since stores know most people are shopping for candy at this time of year, their prices will be really competitive for it. You may even be able to score a coupon which will bring the price down even more.

More Tips on How to Throw a Halloween Party

Halloweeen decorations

Do It Yourself at Your Halloween Party

One stop to any Halloween store will make you realize that decorations are expensive! With a little creativity, you can turn common household items into a Halloween decoration. Some Red Wax can make white candles look like they are dripping blood, and with a little bit of toilet paper and googly eyes can turn a pumpkin into a mummy.

Save Cleaning Costs

By taking a few extra steps before hand, you save a lot of time and money after the fact in clean up costs. Take a few minutes to move all your fragile antiques and valuables, you save yourself the potential heartache of getting them damaged. You can also use disposable table cloths to prevent a mess. As a decoration bonus, throw some red paint on an old white tablecloth, to prevent a mess in a spooky way.

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