6 Ideas for Apartment Designing on a Budget

Decorate Your apartment

We all want to have an apartment that is stylish and cool looking.  Your plan doesn’t have to break the bank.   You can save while decorating your apartment.  We have assembled 6 Ideas for Apartment Designing on a Budget.

Paint Your Bookshelves


Painting is cheap.  Head over to the hardware store to find a sale on a color you like.  Painting is inexpensive and it makes a big impact on the look of your room.  You might want to go big and paint your whole room or you can save money by purchasing a smaller can of paint and just doing one wall as an accent.  This new look will wow your friends.

You could also choose to paint just one piece of furniture or the shelves on your bookcase.  This can make an impact on the deor of your room.  Make sure that painting your walls is okay with your apartment rental company before you do this.  Most companies will allow you to paint as long as you paint the room back to the original color before you leave.

Add pictures to your apartment

Do It Yourself

Save big when you do the work yourself.  Search Pinterest for no sew throw pillow or curtain options.  You will save a lot if you tackle work like painting yourself.  Buy furniture that is not assembled and call on family and friends to help with your do it yourself projects and furniture assembly.

Shop Secondhand Stores

Look for items that you can clean or paint.  This will bring new life to thrift store goodies.  Many consignment shops have deals if you trade in old furniture you already have for new items.  Look for solid construction, classic colors and items that never go out of style.  Pick one or two funky pieces as conversation focal points in your apartment.

Shop for Seconds

Many stores offer really big deals on slightly damaged or discontinued furniture or household items.  Ask for floor models, samples or seconds.  I once found a designer set of sheets that were a dye lot that was slightly off from the norm.  I saved over 70% and no one knew.

Decorating Your Apartment on a Budget

Pick Up Stock Items

Sure, custom picture frames, special order fabrics and a dresser with custom molding will look really nice in your apartment; but they will also cost you a lot more.  Try cropping your pictures to fit standard sized frames, order your sofa in a ready to ship fabric or buy stock furniture that you can dress up yourself with paint or moldings that you glue on.

Save when Decorating Your Apartment

Be Patient and Wait for Sales

If you find a piece for your apartment that you absolutely love ask the sales person if there will be a sale in the future.  Store managers may even offer you the sale price early just to get your business.  Don’t be shy, it never hurts to ask for a bargain. You can achieve the look you want in your apartment.  It just takes a little leg work, patience and old fashioned elbow grease.

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