Apartment Hunting: Location, Location, Location!

When looking for an apartment home the location is often one of the most important things that really matters to you.  Here are some Apartment Hunting tips from Red Oak’s President, Ron Dupont.

Red Oak Apartment Homes' owner Ron Dupont

He believes that when Apartment Hunting you should choose the Location that is just right for you!

The location of your next apartment home is the number one reason why people move.  Choosing a great location can be very different for each individual. You might want proximity to parks, schools and recreational activities. Perhaps a more suburban location is what you desire. Do you hate a long commute to work every day? If so, then choose a place to live that is close to work or very convenient to major roadways. You might even consider living in a location that will allow you to be traveling in the opposite direction of rush hour traffic in the morning and evening. Are you interested in living in the heart of the city? Walking to work, restaurants, shops and entertainment is easy when you choose an urban location. Sometimes parking can be more challenging in the city, so be sure to ask about the parking that is available where you are looking to rent.


Look at the amenities that are Offered:

Ron believes that second to the location people who are looking to rent an apartment are interested in the amenities that may be offered at a community.  Think about the features that you need to make life comfortable for you. Do you need air-conditioning, a dishwasher, large closets, parking or an on-site laundry room?  Ask about what is offered when you tour a new apartment.  Pools, dog parks, fitness rooms, tennis courts and grilling stations are just a few other amenities that renters search for.  Don’t forget that the amenities in your apartment add to the price.  So choose according to your budget and the amenities that you know you will use.


Apartments in that Perfect Neighborhood

When choosing a location to live most people are interested in convenience.  They look at how long their commute to work will be.  They make sure their new place is close to where they like to shop and eat out.  Many consider if their apartment is close to their family or friends.  All of these factors are very important.  My advice is to pick carefully and take a tour of several places before you make your decision.

Red Oak Apartment Homes is here to help you find the location that will be a perfect fit for you when you make a move. We have apartments and condos in 6 NH towns and cities. From Urban to Suburban, Luxury to Affordable and everything in between, we have what you need.

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