Choosing New Hampshire as a Top Destination to Live

New Hampshire is a great place to live.  The state boasts a great lifestyle and plenty of activities and work opportunities.  There are places to live that have an urban feel and some that are in the suburbs.  The NH seacoast, the white mountain region, and the lakes region are just a short drive away from the central area of the state.

A recent study conducted by the Atlas Van Lines states that 2020 saw a large influx into the state with an inbound move rate of over 60%.  Now that people can work from home many are choosing New Hampshire as a top destination to live.  Trends for 2021 thru 2023 show the same moving dynamics.  More folks are choosing New Hampshire as a top destination to live.  They come and they stay too!

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Why people are choosing New Hampshire as a top destination to live

There are many reasons why people have moved to New Hampshire.  Some have moved out of college dorms that have closed or moved closer to family who live in the state. Some, suddenly, find themselves as remote workers and can live anywhere so they are choosing to live where they like to play. Others have chosen to downsize from large homes.

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Why live in New Hampshire?

Well, we may be a little biased… but it’s beautiful here.  The natural beauty is all around and this certainly makes living here easy!  Getting out to enjoy the great outdoors is not hard.

The natural features in the mountains offer year round activity. What can you do in the mountain region of NH?  Try summer hiking, biking, camping and shopping.  In the fall the leaves and foliage take center stage with their amazing colors and all sorts of apple and pumpkin festivals.  The winter is beautiful with skiing and skating opportunities in many parts of the state.  If you are a water person then enjoy the beautiful lakes region for boating, fishing and water sports.  The coastline of NH may be short (just 18 miles of coast) but there are beaches, ocean fishing, boating and scuba-diving adventures that are lots of fun.  Other reasons to choose a NH lifestyle- NH has a low incidence of natural disasters, a low crime rate, great schools and a favorable cost of living due to limited taxes here.

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What to Look for in a New Hampshire Apartment Home

When looking for an apartment many are looking for ones that offer the space they need to work from home and great amenities in the apartment community and the neighborhood where they live.  Its a reason that NH is a top destination to live.

Most important on a renter’s list are spaces to set up a work from home area.  A small desk can fit in a corner of a living room but some folks like an extra bedroom for a home office.  In Covid-19 times and beyond many singles and families are adding pets into their lives.  They like the companionship a pet affords and walks with their dog are a great activity.  They are looking for an apartment that is in a pet friendly community.  New Hampshire is a state where having a car is important.  So renters are making sure that their apartment community has places to park their vehicles.  What about storage?  If you have downsized from a large home then you might need a place to store your belongings.  Many apartment communities offer storage solutions. As consumers choose electric vehicles you might want to look for an apartment community that offers EV charging stations too.

When picking an apartment think about the lifestyle you want to live.  Look for an apartment that fits in with your vision.  If you like eating out and nightlife, then pick an apartment home near a city center.  It offers wonderful ways to walk around and enjoy the sights, nightlife and many entertainment venues.  There are numerous cultural opportunities in the city too.  If you are more interested in a quiet country setting then look for a place that is in a more suburban location.  It’s easy to have dogs in these locations too.

Apartment Choices at Red Oak Apartment Homes

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Red Oak Apartment Homes has been helping folks find apartments that are just right for them since 1984.  Red Oak offers a wide variety of apartment locations, styles and price points.  Pet friendly apartment choices, storage spaces, parking and outdoor amenities are offered at many locations with urban, suburban and country locations.  Apartment sizes range from studios to 1 – 4 bedroom styles and even single family homes to rent. Contact Red Oak for price and availability and ask about the New Flex Pricing Options for renters!  These amenities and services makes New Hampshire a top destination to live.

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