8 Ways to Minimize Laundry Costs

Doing the laundry is a necessary part of life.  In your apartment home you might have your own washer/dryer or you may use the community laundry room.  In either instance there are ways to save money while you take care of this weekly task.  Here are our tips to help you minimize laundry costs.

air dry laundry

1. Air Dry Whenever Possible 

Tumble drying, while quick and convenient, literally doubles your laundry cost when using a coin-op laundry. If you have your own units, cutting down on your usage of your dryer will slash off entire chunks of your utility bill. You’d be amazed how much money you can save with a good drying rack or clothes line!

2. Buy Generic Brand Detergent 

Name brand stuff always costs more, but more money doesn’t always equal more quality. Get familiar with your favorite detergents. What are the ingredients? What sort of chemicals are used? You can probably find a generic version that goes for a fraction of the cost.  Even better than buying laundry detergent is to make your own.  Check out the best recipes here.

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3. Zip up Garments before Washing 

Secure those zippers before putting items in the laundry and check pockets for fluff, coins, etc.  Small mistakes can ruin clothes and damage washing machines. A little meticulous detailing here and there can save a lot of money!  No one wants to waste money buying something that you ruined in the laundry.

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4. Some Items Require Only Periodic Washing 

Unless you work outside or in a smoke shop, chances are that your coat won’t need to be washed every single week. Other items, like sports jerseys or hooded sweatshirts, can go a few wears without a wash depending on what the wearer is doing when he/she wears the item.

5. Wash Your Hands Regularly 

This should really go without saying. However, you’d be amazed how many people smudge dirty hands all over their clothes. Worse yet, many leave a restroom without washing them…but  that’s another disaster altogether.

dryer in laundry room

6. Clean the Dryer Filter Every Cycle

Lint-filled filters decrease efficiency, requiring more power and energy consumption. Do you know what that means? You will next time your utility bill arrives. Avoid the weeping and gnashing of teeth that accompany astronomical bills by being energy smart.  By completing this step every time you use the dryer your help keep your rent costs down and help to prevent a potential fire hazard too.

7. Use the Low Time Cycle

Unless something is soiled to the point of repulsion it’s usually just fine to wash your clothes on the short cycle. Again, use common sense here. Obviously a trip into a coal mine or an episode of explosive diarrhea from your newborn niece or nephew drastically changes the game.  Check out this guide to choosing the correct laundry cycle on your machine.

8. Don’t Hoard Laundry

Doing seven consecutive loads on a lazy Sunday afternoon is as depressing as it is foolish. Your apartment will smell of dirty clothes, your whole day will be devoted to laundry, your wallet will feel thinner, and you’ll be stuck wearing some t-shirt you bought on a whim while on spring break your second year at college. Avoid the embarrassment of all of these things by washing your clothes before you run out of things to wear.


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If you do not want to share laundry machines with other people, consider renting at any one of these fine Red Oak apartment communities that offer an in-home washer and dryers.

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