Apartment Hunting Checklist

Apartment Hunting Checklist from Red Oak's Ron Dupont

Ron Dupont President of Red Oak Apartment Homes, Inc.

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Apartment Hunting Checklist

Finding your next apartment can be a daunting task for anyone.  Here are some tried and true tips from Ron Dupont the owner of Red Oak Apartment Homes to help you out as you look for the apartment that is just right for you.

Make a list

Save yourself a lot of stress by jotting down a list of items that you want to make sure you will have in your new apartment home. The list will be different for everyone but some of the most common must haves are:

- A location near where you work, shop, or socialize

- Availability of parking

- Pet policies and fees that you can live with

- Size and condition of the apartment

- The price you can afford to pay

Bring your list with you when you tour properties and take notes so that you can compare them later.

Make sure it's a fit

Ultimately, renting an apartment will involve signing a lease which usually will require a time commitment, so be sure you pick a place that will be a good time fit for you. The expert leasing team at Red Oak Apartment homes can be of great help to you too. We are a one stop shopping experience. We can show you a variety of options that match up to your checklist in a variety of southern New Hampshire locations.

Know your Finances

Renting an Apartment is a financial committment, a contract.  You will be required to pay rent every month.  You must be able to show proof that you can make these payments.  We require that no more than 30% of your monthly income should need to be used to cover your rent payments.  Remember that if you pay late there are late fees that will incur too.  You can be proactive in building your credit history and Landlord history by paying your rent in full and on time.  Red Oak does not require Security Deposits to rent an apartment.  We do, however, require a one time nonrefundable Sureity Bond.  The cost ranges from $199 to $399.  It makes moving into your apartment much more affordable.  You will not need to worry about having a lot of money to move in.

Does Your Rental Company Have Programs to Make Renting Easy?

At Red Oak Apartment Homes we have instituted policies that make your rental experience easy.  

We offer the following services:

- Easy Approval Process

- A Satisfaction Guarantee

- An Easy Tranfer Policy at the end of your Lease

- A 48 Hour Back-out Option

- A $750 Resident Referral Program

- Affordable Lease Buy Out Option

- Lease Term Options that offer Felxibility


Red Oak Apartment Homes, Inc. has been NH’s Apartment Rental Leader for more than 34 years. Call or visit us and you’ll be in your new apt before you know it.

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