City Living with your Dog!

At Red Oak Apartment Homes, we know how important your 4 legged friends are to you! If you are living in the city with your dog we want you both to get the most out of it! Below are some helpful tips for city living with your dog to make sure that your pup is happy, healthy and enjoying the Red Oak life with you!

City Living with your Dog


1) Training
There are many obstacles for pet owners in the city: cars, bikes, pedestrians, other dogs, tight sidewalks, and trash on the side of the streets that could be dangerous if ingested! Having your dog learn basic commands is always a good idea and will make enjoying the city much easier. Plus, it adds an extra layer of safety if your dog knows the meaning for- sit, stay, heel, leave it, and no jumping!

2) Basic Manners
In addition to the basic commands listed above, good manners go a long way!

Meeting new friends: First, ask the owner of another pooch you encounter if your dog can meet theirs. Many dogs do not like other dogs and may have a bad reaction to another 4-legged friend.   In addition, not all people like dogs. If your dog is approaching a stranger, ask them if they are comfortable with interacting with your dog!

Curb your dog: This is common courtesy, wherever you are! Make sure to pick up after your dog’s bathroom behavior whenever you are out. This is an important part of respecting your neighbors and general public health.

Barking: No matter how cute your dog is, whether you are inside or out, no one wants to hear him or her bark! There are many reasons a dog may excessively bark and you should pay attention to that. Red Oak has some tips to help prevent your pup from barking excessively and to be a good neighbor!

dog holding leash

3) Exercise & Playtime:
A sleepy dog makes for a happy home! At first it might seem like a challenge to get enough exercise for your dog in the city, but there are so many things that you can do!

Walks: Take your 4-legged friend out for as many walks as you can! If you are not able to give a midday or afternoon break, look into hiring a dog walker to help you and your pup out. You can start with asking any friends/co-workers if they already have someone that they use. If not, is another great place to look.

Parks: Take advantage of public parks, walking paths or biking trails! Most cities have dog parks where your furry friend can exercise and meet new friends! Some Red Oak communities have their own dog parks on site!

Doggie Daycare Centers: Doggie daycares are becoming more popular! These are a great way for your dog to socialize & exercise! The Barking Dog is one option and has 3 locations in New Hampshire: Hooksett, Derry & Exeter. The Exeter & Hooksett locations have indoor pools and have year-round open “Swim time” if your pup likes to swim! You can learn more about them here:

City living with your dog can be challenging but it should also be Fun! Hopefully the above tips can help keep your pup happy and healthy!

Southern New Hampshire and the city of Manchester are great places to live.  Need an apartment?  We can help you find your perfect place.

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