Prevent Condensation on Your Apartment Windows this Winter

How to prevent condensation on windows

window condenssation

It is common for condensation to build up on the interior of your windows during the cold winter months. The common cause of this problem is when the temperature inside your apartment varies greatly from the temperature outside. Here are some tips to on how top prevent condensation on windows in your apartment this winter.

Make sure you increase air circulation in your apartment home to help keep condensation at a minimum:

  • Arrange furniture so it does not block any windows
  • Raise blinds 2″ off your window sills and open blinds
  • Regularly wipe window sills and around the edges, check any curtains regularly for moisture
  • When condensation does occur, dry area immediately to prevent moisture build-up
  • Shut off humidifiers in your apartment
  • Run the kitchen fan longer than you usually do to keep air moving
  • Air out your apartment for a few minutes each day.  Air out the bathroom and kitchen as these are places where heat and moisture linger

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