Decorate Your Apartment Balcony with our Cozy Décor Tips

Decorate Your Apt Balcony

The extra square footage your balcony adds to your apartment is a great way to enjoy some extra elbow space and increase your useable living space.  These private outdoor spaces can be a comfy and cozy retreat to spend some time.  Take a look at these ideas to decorate your apartment balcony with our cozy décor tips.

Decorate Your Apt Balcony

Think About the size of Your Balcony and Follow the Rules for your Apartment Community

Be sure to measure your outdoor space and add in furnishings that will not be too big or excessive.  Oversized seating is comfortable but it will make the space look overcrowded and less inviting.   Seating is not the only consideration for decorating.  Think about a small table or end table so that you can use to enjoy a snack or beverage on your balcony.  There are lots of styles of folding furniture that will help economize your space.   You can tuck it away when it’s not in use.  Be sure to follow rules about what can be placed on your balcony before your start.  You can check with your property manager to be sure of what is allowed.

Decorate Your Apt Balcony

Have a Decorating Theme for your apartment living room balcony

Theme can relate to the design and color for your balcony.  It can also directly influence how you will use the space.  If you want to simply sun bathe and sip lemonade then you don’t need to have a bistro table or lighting on your deck.  Popular themes include creating a tranquil “Zen” like space that can include plants, a water fountain or a carpet to meditate on.  Maybe you want to host a small romantic dinner on your balcony.  In this case a comfortable table and chairs with colorful linens, flowers and floor pillows will work.  Theme should also include a pop of color.  You can extend your interior living space by letting your color scheme from inside your apartment be seen on your balcony or patio.

Decorate Your Apt Balcony

Utilize the wall space on your Balcony

Your apartment manager may not allow you to install permanent fixtures to the walls of your balcony but you can certainly have Hanging planters or weather resistant art that leans on the wall of the space. (be sure it will not blow away in a wind storm)  Wall space can also help to give you some privacy on your balcony.  You can create a natural wall with tall plantings like bamboo.  These plants can also be set against the wall space to hide the exterior siding if you don’t like the looks of that.  Plants create a feeling of a back yard too.

Decorate Your Apt Balcony

The Floor is the Anchor to Your Decorating Scheme

Outdoor rugs can be added to a balcony to help bring your theme and color scheme to life.  A rug will also add pattern and design to your look.  Be sure to choose an indoor/outdoor rug that will stand up to the elements.  Have you seen the new varieties of faux grass rugs?  These can make your outdoor space really pop.  They require zero maintenance and can make your space really stand out.

Decorate with Mood Lighting

You can create a wonderful vibe in your outdoor space with lighting.  A string of outdoor lights for hanging out in the evening is inexpensive and easy to install.  Outdoor lanterns can be found that are battery operated.  These can be placed on your patio table or floor to lighten up the space.  A floor lamp can also serve double duty if you take it from your indoor living space to your balcony when you need it.

Safety Counts

You should always think about safety when you put anything on your balcony or patio.  Never install lighting that is not meant to be used out of doors.  Do not place heavy objects on railings or in locations where they might fall and injure someone below and never have open flames on your balcony or patio.  This includes grills of any kind and candles.

Decorate Your Apt Balcony

Looking for a Great Apartment with a Balcony or Patio?

Southern New Hampshire is a great place to live.  The seasons change and many folks like to enjoy an outdoor space when they rent an apartment.  At Red Oak Apartment Homes we have many available apartments that have balcony and patios for our residents to enjoy.  Your pets will love these spaces too.   Contact us to find your dream apartment home with a balcony.

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