Use your Tax Refund to Make Your Apartment Look Better

It’s Tax return season and we all look forward to getting that refund check.  There are many ways that you can put this money to good use and to wisely use it to pay down debt and bolster your savings.  However, there are ways that you can spend a little of this money to improve your apartment’s appearance and not feel guilty about it. Use  your tax refund to make your apartment look better.

First, think about how much time you spend in your apartment.  It is your refuge, the place you entertain, relax and bond with family and friends.  A little money put towards making you feel good in this space is never a bad thing.  Just keep your budget in mind and spend only what you can afford.  Here are some things you can do with a little bit of money.

Use Tax Refund to Make Apartment Look Better

If You Have $150 to $250  from your  Tax Refund to Make Your Apartment Look Better

Buy a painting or art print that highlights colors or a scene that you love.  This will uplift the spirits of all who visit you in your apartment.  You can buy the print unframed and save by doing that part yourself.  There are many YouTube videos that can help you with this.    Adding greenery is another way to brighten up your space for a little bit of money.  Choose a tall and dramatic plant or tree to make a bigger impact on the visual scheme of your apartment.  There are no rules about which room is the best one to put a plant in.  Many folks like the idea of a tree or plant in their bedroom as it gives off beneficial oxygen as it uses carbon-dioxide.

Use Your Tax Refund to Make Your Apartment look better

If you Have $300 TO $500 from your Use Tax Refund to Make your Apartment Look Better

Furniture pieces that are colorful and pack a design punch can spruce up an entire room.  One well placed chair in a living room is a good investment.  Remember that these pieces go with you when you leave an apartment so pick something that is dramatic but that you won’t tire of too quickly.  Adding a colorful rug can also bring a room together quickly and for not a lot of money.  You might look for spring sales that encourage folks to decorate and refresh their homes.

Use Tax Refund to Make Apartment Look Better

If you have $600 to $900 from your Use Tax Refund to Make Your Apartment Look Better

When you have this kind of budget, you can start to think about larger pieces of furniture for your apartment.  It might be that you want to update the look of your bedroom set or upgrade your patio furniture from those folding camp chairs to something much more stylish and comfortable.  Looking for sales and promotions from stores is always a great way to make your money stretch.  Don’t feel that you have to spend all of your tax return money at once.  Wait for sales and choose only the pieces that you love before you spend.

Use Your Tax Refund to Make Your Apartment look better

A New Apartment Might Be the Answer

If updating your apartment’s look is not what you had in mind, why not look for another apartment?  A new location or property can make you feel like you are on top of the world.  Need a new place in southern New Hampshire?  Red Oak Apartments is the place to look.  With over 1800 apartment choices they have something that will fit your budget and styles.  Pet friendly locations that offer dog parks and manicured grounds are nice.  On the other hand, you might like an urban location near the entertainment and dining hot spots of the state’s largest city.  Talk to us and we can help answer all your questions.  Our money back guarantee, quick approval process and no security deposit program make getting a new place a painless and easy process.

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