Downsizing: How to Move Your Stuff into a Smaller Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is fun and exciting.  If you have a lot of stuff it can be a problem if you are downsizing to a smaller living space.

There are many reasons why you might need a smaller place.  Maybe your roommate moved on, or possibly you are going through a divorce.  Maybe you have embraced a new lifestyle that is clutter free.  Whatever your reason there are easy ways to downsize and move your stuff into a smaller apartment.

Here are 5 great tips for downsizing – how to move your stuff to a smaller apartment

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Start Planning for Your Move Early

If you know that you will be moving, start early to think about what items you will not be taking to your new apartment.  We suggest that you start in one room and then move on from there.  This way the task will not seem too overwhelming.  You will start to get used to living with fewer items too.  Remember that organizing your belongings helps a lot during this process too.

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Make Lists

Think about three categories for your possessions:

  1. Things you absolutely need
  2. Things you would replace
  3. Things you can forget about

List the items in each of your rooms that would fit into these three categories.  Use these lists as your roadmap to what you will pack.  If your list for things you would replace gets too long, go through it again .  There might be some more items that you can put into the forget about it category. All items in the third category should be disposed of.  You can have a yard sale or give them away.  Things that do not work or are unusable should be thrown away.

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Know the Size of Your Apartment

Before you get rid of too much of your stuff, you should know the size of your new place.  Ask your new landlord if you can measure the rooms, closets and counter space in your new apartment.  Make diagrams and check to see how many of your belongings will fit.

What Are Your Things Worth?

Before you get rid of your stuff know the emotional and the financial value of them.  Which ones have sentimental value, which can be stored elsewhere and which have the greatest market value are important things to consider.  Choose only the best of your belongings in these categories to keep.

Be Ruthless

You know that you have to downsize.  It’s time to be tough and only take what you can fit into your place.  You will be happy when you have de-cluttered and destressed your life.  You may find that you enjoy the results of your hard work.

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