Favorite Laundry Tips to Save You Time and Money

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Laundry tips and tricks

Laundry is one of those necessary chores that we all have to do but would much rather be doing something else.  It takes time and costs money.  Here are our favorite laundry tips and tricks to save you time and money!

Laundry tip to save time

It sounds like a joke but having your kids do their own laundry is a time saver.  A bonus is that it also teaches them responsibility.  Spend some time instructing them on how to separate colors, to only do laundry when they have a full load and show them how to measure the correct amount of detergent to use.  Not only will this free up some of your time in the long run, but you will know that they will be prepared for when they are out on their own for the first time.

Laundry tip to save money

Save 50% on laundry detergent simply by only using half of the recommended amount for each load.  We have tried this and the clothes come out completely clean every time.  This also prevents detergent build up on clothing. Save money on expensive stain sticks by using cornstarch or baby powder on oily stains.  Just rub the dry powder into the stain, add a little extra powder after rubbing and let sit for at least a day. If it doesn’t remove it completely the first time, you can keep doing it over and over again.

Laundry trick to save money

Another laundry trick is to add the detergent as the washer is filling with water. Let it disperse in the water and then add the clothing. This will yield cleaner clothing.

Make your own laundry detergent. For those DIYers out there who do the same, if you like your laundry to be scented, but perhaps your hubby doesn’t want to smell like flowers… or you want your work clothes to have an energizing scent and your bedding to smell relaxing… customize each load with a few drops of essential oils. Citrus for energy, lavender for calmness, sandalwood for calmness.

Laundry trick to save time

Add a dry towel to your dryer load to cut down on drying time.  This saves energy and time.

Save money by air-drying some of your clothes. Delicates should be done this way to save the fabric.  Jeans and pants will stay wrinkle free and fit better if air dried.  Use a coat hanger over the shower rod in your tub.  Not only will this dry your clothes but it acts as a mini humidifier in your apartment.  Make sure the clothes are wrung dry or have been through the spin cycle of the washing machine before hanging.

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Laundry tip to save time

Why waste time driving to the laundromat? Rent an apartment with a laundry room on each floor or rent an apartment with an in-home washer and dryer and save hours each week!

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