How to get rid of cat smell in apartment

What’s not to love about Cats? They are cute, cuddly and are the perfect companion when you are in need of a little pick me up. However, they may leave behind odors that are not the most appealing. Cleaning up these odors can be challenging, but by arming yourself with the right tools and knowledge, you can take care of them in no time. Here are some great tips on how to get rid of cat smell in apartment.

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Know where the odors are coming from
By taking a Black light to the room where the odors are coming from, you can determine where the smells are emanating from. Once you have the exact location pinpointed, making it go away will be a lot easier.

Check your pet store
Often times, your local pet store will have specialized cleaning products for this job exactly. Take a gander down the aisle and you may find an easy solution to your pet problem. Plus, you can say “Hi” to the pets they have on display, so it’s a win-win.

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Clean the Air
Getting an air purifier is an expensive proposition, but it’s a sure way for there to not be any pet odors. It can also remove some of the cat hair from the air as well, leading to a fresher and less smelly apartment for you and your feline friend.

Use the Internet as a Resource
There are many sites that have How To tips for this topic.  One of our favorites is from Wiki How.  It will fill you in on 9 Solutions to Eliminate Cat Odors.

Regular Cleaning
The longer that pet messes sit…the more their odors will be problematic.  Establish a schedule where you will steam clean your carpets.  For small problems use a commercially obtained carpet cleaning solution to spot clean the entire area where your pet has left an odor.  Do this as soon as possible after the area is soiled.  We suggest that you have one of these cleaners on hand in your cabinet so that you will be prepared.  Read this great resource for more ideas to keep your apartment home free of pet odors.

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Find a Pet Friendly Apartment for you and Your Feline Friends

Did you know that Red Oak has cat friendly apartments.  We love your furry friends.  We welcome cats at every one of our properties.  Dogs are accepted at more than half of our apartment communities.

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