How to Increase Storage Space in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home. So naturally, there is a lot going on in there-pots and pans you’ve neglected while hurrying to get dinner on the table, dirty dishes you promised you’d “get back to later,” and food-stained fingerprints lining the counters. Understandable! But don’t worry, there are a bunch of simple and easy ways to help minimize chaos in the kitchen. Here are some tips for increasing storage space while still maintaining easy-access to kitchen goods.  Even in a smaller apartment kitchen.

1. Put a cork or magnetic board inside cabinet doors:
This is a great way to label and organize measuring cups, clippings/coupons, grocery lists, spices, utensil racks, etc.

kitchen storage tips

2. Shelving:
If you have limited cabinet space, add some shelving for extra storage. You can also place shelving inserts inside cabinets for added space.

kitchen shelving and pantry closet

3. Mason Jar Storage Containers:
Mason Jars are a crafty and convenient way to store anything from recipe ingredients to kitchen utensils.

mason jars
glass storage containers

4. Hooks and Lazy Susan’s:
Corner cabinets can be awkward-but with a Lazy Susan they become the perfect spot to keep kitchen essentials. 

lazy susans

5. Over and Under the Sink Cutting Boards, Hooks and Baskets
An over the sink cutting board adds a bit of extra counter space while hooks and baskets over the sink keep kitchen utensils easily accessible, yet out of the way when not needed.

6. A Kitchen Cart:
Kitchen carts are a great feature for anyone looking for extra storage in the kitchen. They take up little space and most have multiple storage racks.

kitchen cart

7. Tension Rod under the sink:
A tension rod can easily be installed under the sink to hang spray bottles, towels and other cleaning gear.

under sink tension road

8. File Holders:
Use file holders to store plastic ware, bottles and bags, saran wrap, tin foil etc.

file holders

Here’s a few more tricks to keep in mind when organizing your kitchen…

  • Store big pots and pans (or things you use less often) up high-this means they are out of the way and no longer taking up valuable kitchen space. They can still easily be pulled out when needed
  • Store baking sheets, cooling racks, tins, etc. in the oven while you aren’t using it-just remember to take them out before turning it on!
  • Dog/cat food can be stored in cereal containers instead of the big bulky bags they usually come in
  • Wine racks are a decorative way to avoid a pile up of bottles on the counter
  • Try a wall mounted dish drainer to keep the sink space open
  • A bar height table next to the kitchen can add a little bit of extra counter space

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