How to Ask your Barber for the Perfect Haircut

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When you move to a new town or city there are many questions you may have about where the best grocery store is, where to get your driver’s license renewed, what the points of interest in town are and where to find a good dry cleaner. Another important new contact to make is with a good barber.  Here are our tips regarding How to Ask your Barber for the Perfect Haircut in Manchester NH.  If you’re new in town you will want to ask around for recommendations for a good barber.  A location close to where you live also plays into this line of questioning.  If you notice someone with a great haircut ask them about where they go.  Most likely they will be happy to share the name of their barber with you.  You can also look on line for a barber shop.  We like the list from Barber shops Near Me.

Once you determine where you want to go for your next haircut remember that you have to know what to ask for in order to get the haircut you want.  As you enter the barber shop look for a barber who exudes confidence.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a barber with a lot of experience and who has experience with the kind of cut you want.  A good barber has a great memory.  Once you are a regular customer you can simply ask for “the usual.”  Until you get to that stage know how to ask for what you want.


Here are a few tips to help you tell the barber what style you want.

Tell how much to take off. Be specific and use words like take a half inch off the top.  If you don’t know how much to take off, tell the barber that and let him help you to determine how much you should have cut off.  Know what number clipper the barber uses on your hair.  Clipper numbers are standardized and knowing that you want the #2 clipper off the sides is a help to the barber.

Know what kind of Neckline you want.  The block, rounded or tapered necklines can be chosen.  Tell the barber if you want your hair textured, do you use any grooming products in your hair and how often you usually go to the barber for a cut.  Your barber will have lots of good information to help you pick a cut that will be low maintenance, help to hide bald spots or that will make your neck look thinner or wider.  Talk to the barber about your sideburns too.

Most importantly, once you have shared all this info with the barber listen to what they say.  They are the pros and will want to make sure you leave the shop looking your best.  There is no worse advertisement for a barber than having you walking around town for 6 weeks looking bad.

Lucky for you there are many great barber shops in Manchester New Hampshire, many are close to your Red Oak Apartment Home.

West Side Barbers: La Coupe Barber Shop on Kelly Street Debbie’s Barber Shop on S. Main Street

East Side Barbers: Shelly’s Barber Shop on Elm Street Granite State Barber Shop on Central Street

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